326 Short Unisex Baby Names Girl or boy? These baby names work perfectly for both

Are you a fan of short, gender-neutral names? Do you appreciate the fact that a name can't be shortened because it's already short? Or maybe your surname is quite long and you feel that a short first name would work much better with it? Then check out this name list: It contains all short unisex names with up to four letters, classic or extravagant, from A to Z, including origin and meaning.

A gender-neutral name is always the right choice since it works for both girls and boys.

If you're unsure about the length of the name, you can also have a look at our long unisex names. All gender-neutral given names are listed under unisex names.

We obviously also have the nicest short names for baby girls and short names for baby boys listed for you.

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Short unisex Names

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