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Lucas is a ♂ boy’s name.

What is the origin of the name Lucas?

Lucas is a name of Greek and Latin origin. It derived from the Greek name Loukas (Λουκας) and the Latin name Lucanus.

What does the name Lucas mean?

Lucas means “from Lucania” (a region in southern Italy) and “light”, “bringer of light” or “bright one” (from ancient Greek “leukós/λευκός” = bright/light/white and Latin “lux” = light).

Variants of Lucas

In English, Luke is the most common form of Lucas, in Italian, it’s Luca and in French, it is Luc. Luca can also be used as a female version of Lucas, just like Lucia. Lucas is also a common last name in the United States.

Nicknames for Lucas

Popular nicknames for Lucas are Luc, Luke, Lucy, Lucky Luke, Lux and Lulu.

Middle names for Lucas

Classic middle names for Lucas are Charles, James, Joshua and Henry. Biblical middle names that go with Lucas are Jude, Josiah, Elijah and Isaiah. Popular contemporary middle names are Oliver, Hudson, Liam and Mark. Unique middle names that go with Lucas are Wilde, Jett, Arlo and Lennon.

Lucas in the Bible

The Gospel of Luke has different names in different translations of the Bible. In French it’s the Évangile selon Luc, in Italian Vangelo secondo Luca, in German Evangelium nach Lukas, in Spanish Evangelio de Lucas and in Portuguese Evangelho segundo Lucas.

Famous people named Lucas

  • Famous rapper Lucas of the Korean boy-band “NCT” and it’s Chinese sub-group “Wayv” is actually named Wong Yuk-hei (born 1999). He was born in Hongkong and has Chinese and Thai heritage. He has a younger brother, which many fans are interested in. However, no personal details about his brother or other family members are public knowledge.
  • American actor Lucas Daniel Till (born 1990) rose to fame with his role in the 2009 “Hannah Montana” movie. He has played several leading roles since. He was also cast as the new “MacGyver” in the remake of the popular TV show.
  • Lucas Hedges (born 1996) is an up-and-coming American actor who played roles in movies such as Labor Day, The Zero Theorem, Grand Budapest Hotel, Kill the Messenger and Manchester by the Sea.

Fictional characters named Lucas

  • Lucas Friar, played by Payton Meyer, is a main character on the Disney TV show “Girl meets world”.
  • The animated spider Lucas the Spider is very popular on YouTube.
  • Lucas Hood, played by Antony Starr, is the protagonist on the TV show “Banshee”. After killing Lucas Hood, a nameless ex-con assumes the identity of the future Sheriff of Banshee and continues to live his life as the Sheriff. The show is based on the “Banshee” comics.
  • Protagonist Lucas Delos is a fictitious character in the “Starcrossed”-Trilogy by Josephine Angelini.
  • Lucas Scott, played by Chad Michael Murray, is the main character on the TV show “One Tree Hill”.

Pronunciation of Lucas

Variants of the name Lucas

Loucas Loukas Lukas

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Popularity of the name Lucas

The name Lucas is ranked #19 overall. It is very popular with parents-to-be and is often chosen as a baby name.

Lucas in the Top 50 Names

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