24 Unisex Names and their Unique Meanings The most beautifulnames for boys and girls

Jelka Batteiger | April 14, 2022

You don’t want to chose a typical girl’s or boy’s name? But the name should have a unique meaning?

Then you have to take a look at these 24 great gender neutral names with unique meanings, cause a name is for life!

1. Charlie

First of all: the name of our Baby Names App: Charlie has the great meaning “free” and “free man”.

2. Anatoli

Anatoli is of Greek origin and means “sunrise”.

3. Melek

The Turkish unisex name Melek means “angel” for girls and “king” for boys. Beautiful meanings for both of them!

4. Luca

Luca means “light” and “bringer of light” - a very hopeful meaning, isn’t it?

5. Bobby

Bobby means “bright fame”. A kind of noble name!

6. Aubrey & Avery

These are two magical names, they mean “powerful elf”.

7. Austin

Austin means “great” or “venerable” - that’s great!

8. Dakota

Dakota is a unisex name of the Native Americans and has the meaning “friends”, “allies” and “friendly”.

9. Morgan

Morgan means “born on the sea”. Perfect name for families living on a boat and are giving birth at home.

10. Brook

Is there a brook flowing past your house? Then, Brook could be the perfect name, because it means “living near a brook”.

11. Peyton

The gender neutral name Peyton means “peacock town” - such a splendid colorful bird!

12. Aeron

For everyone who loves berrys! But who doesn’t? Aeron means “berry”.

13. Carmen

If you are a musician and write a song for your newborn, you can give them the name Carmen. It has the unique meaning “the one sung in the song”.

14. Cassidy

Your baby has sweet curls? Cassidy is the best nonbinary name for “curly haired” babys.

15. Aydan

Aydan is a Turkish name for girls and boys and means “from the moon”.

16. Sasha

Sasha will be a protective brother or sister, because the name means “defending men”.

17. Ashley

“Ash tree clearing” - that is the meaning of Ashley.

18. Angel

The gender neutral name Angel has the heavenly meanings “messenger of God” and “angel”.

19. Robin

Robin means “bright fame” for boys and the bird “robin” for girls.

20. Alva

Alva means “elf” for girls and “His Highness” for boys.

21. Abiodun

We think that’s more likely a place to make babys, but who knows… The West African unisex name Abiodun has the meaning “born on a festival”.

22. Kass

Kass means “to shining upon men” or “who fills men with love” for girls and “blackbird” for boys.

23. Jasmin

Jasmin is a girl’s and boy’s name (depending on the country) and it means “flower”, “scent” or “symbol of love”.

24. Maven

Be careful with Maven in combination with alcohol, because Maven means “intoxicating” and “she/he who makes drunk”. But Maven as well has the wonderful meanings “one who understands” or “expert” and “connoisseur”.

There are also a lot of great unisex Hawaiian Baby Names.

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Find more unisex names!

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