Boy Names Suitable for Spring Spring-like first names for your baby boy

Salome L. | April 14, 2022

You got pregnant in summer and are now eagerly expecting your baby in spring? It is one of the most beautiful times of the year to give birth. Like every year, the world comes to life anew, buds form, the first flowers sprout, the world changes from dreary gray to fresh green, the birds wake us up with their twittering and a new beginning can be felt.

If you are still looking for a sweet boy name for your newborn, then you will surely find it here. We have found the most beautiful spring-like masculine names for you. Gender-neutral names are marked with a (u). Easter Names are as well very suitable for spring Babys.

Boy names for the blooming spring

  • It couldn’t be more suitable: Aviv (u), Haru (u), Jaro & Rabih all have the meaning “spring”
  • After a long winter we long so much for “spring sunshine” and a “spring day”. This is exactly what the Japanese name Haruhi (u) means
  • Haru (u), also Japanese, means “sunshine” and “clear weather”
  • Rodi (u) is a Kurdish name with the meaning “someone who had seen/lived good days and years” or “someone who saw the sun”
  • In the Lithuanian Mythology, Joris is the “God of Spring”
  • Baldur means “God of the sun, of pure light, of spring, of good and righteousness”
  • Lenz is a German poetic word for “spring”
  • The first flowers sprout again, there fit the names Aamir, Florian and Omar, they mean “flower” or “flourishing”
  • In spring “life” awakens = Can (u) & Vitus
  • Vivien (u), Viv (u), Veit, Vito & Vitus are “alive”
  • Are you going to have your son in the spring month of May? Quentin is the perfect name because it means “born in May” (the fifth month of the year)
  • Everyone is happy to see the colorful, fluttering, delicate creatures on the flowers again: Nilo stands for “butterfly”
  • Legolas has the meaning “green leaves” that can finally be seen on trees again
  • Fraser is the “strawberry planter”, whom we need to eat sweet fruits in summer

We have a lot of great Springlike Girl Names for you. Or would you like to see other seasonal names: Summer Girl Names, Girl Names for Autumn Babys, Girl Names for Winter Babys and Summer Boy Names, Autmun Names for Boys or Winter Names for Boys.

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