Beautiful Baby Names That Mean Love ♥ Baby Names of Love for Girls and Boys

Salome L. | February 23, 2023

Love - it is a great enigma of humanity. But where does it come from? And where does it go when it disappears?

Love overcomes boundaries, makes us capable of literally anything and makes life so valuable but at the same time it can hurt endlessly.

You can’t touch love, you can only feel it. And in order to understand these feelings, we try to express them through pictures. For example, there is Amor, the Roman god of love with his arrow of love. And it really feels like being hit by a love arrow when we suddenly fall head over heels in love with someone else. It hits us right in the heart - our symbol for love.

Making babies is also an expression of our love for one another. For many, it is the ultimate completion of their happiness - the union of two loving people in a new life. And many parents describe their love for their children as unconditional.

So it is not surprising that there are some given names with the meaning “love”. We have collected a lot of baby names for boys and girls for you that contain the meaning of love. There is even a name that means “I love you”, namely Neyla. Unisex names are marked with (u).

♥ So go out there and fall in love! ♥

♥ I love you, baby boy

♥ I love you, baby girl

More Matching Love Names for Girls and Boys

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