Baby Names inspired by Occupations Names for bakers, farmers or fishermen

Salome L. | April 14, 2022

Baker, Miller, Hunter

We probably all know at least one person who has a surname that is associated with a profession.
Those names are not only common as surnames. Over time, they have also become popular as given names.

Back in the day, in small medieval European villages, peoples’ surnames described their job in order to be able to distinguish one from the other. These days, occupational names are not quite as functional, but many of them have become popular.

Occupational names are often gender-neutral but they have traditionally been used more often for males. A very common occupational baby name for girls is the name Piper, which refers to a person who played the flute or pipe. The most popular occupational name for boys is Mason, which means “stoneworker”.

We have found some occupational baby names for you. Most of them are masculine names, but there are also a few feminine names. The gender-neutral (unisex) names are marked with a (u).

Occupational baby names for girls

  • Amma: “maid”
  • Bailey (u): “bailiff”, “law enforcer”
  • Baxter: “female baker”
  • Chandler (u): “candle seller”
  • Clarke: “scribe”, “cleric”
  • Dajana: “nurse”
  • Devina: “poet”
  • Georgia: “farmer”, “earthworker”
  • Harper (u): “harp player”
  • Hunter (u): “huntress”
  • Paige: “page”, “servant”
  • Piper: “flute/pipe player”
  • Parker (u): “keeper of the park”
  • Riya: “singer”
  • Saylor: “acrobat”, “dancer”, “sailor”, “boat woman”
  • Theresa: “huntress”, “harvester”
  • Taylor (u): “tailor”

Occupational baby boy names

  • Abbott: “abbot”, “priest”
  • Archer: “bowman”, “archer””
  • Bailey (u): “bailiff”, “law enforcer”
  • Baker: “baker”
  • Booker: “maker of books”, “dealer of books”
  • Cain: “craftsman”, “smith”, “minister”, “administrator”
  • Carter: “one who uses a cart”, “transporter of goods by cart”
  • Cash: “maker of chests”, “box maker”
  • Chandler (u): “candle seller”
  • Clark: “scribe”, “cleric”
  • Cohen: “priest”
  • Cooper: “barrel maker”
  • Deacon: “deacon”, “servant”, “messenger”
  • Dean: “dean”
  • Delyan: “business”, “work”
  • Devin (u): “poet”
  • Dexter: “one who dyes”
  • Fisher: “fisherman”
  • Fletcher: “maker of arrows”
  • Gage: “assayer”, “moneylender”
  • Bundi & George: “farmer”, “earthworker”
  • Harith: “he who digs the earth”, “plowman” or “cultivator”
  • Harper (u): “harp player”
  • Hunter (u): “hunter”
  • Jari: “helmeted warrior”
  • Knight: “knight”, “mounted soldier”
  • Lany (u): “servant”
  • Marangoz: “carpenter”, “joiner”
  • Marshall: “stableman”
  • Mason: “stoneworker”
  • Mercer: “merchant”, “trader”
  • Miller & Myles: “miller”
  • Milow: “soldier”
  • Parker (u): “keeper of the park”
  • Pepin: “grower or gardener of fruit trees”
  • Porter: “doorkeeper”
  • Ryder: “mounted warrior”, “horseman”, “messenger on horseback”
  • Sailor (u): “acrobat”, “dancer”, “sailor”, “boat man”
  • Sawyer: “sawer of wood”
  • Shepherd: “sheep herder”
  • Slater: “slate worker”
  • Smith: “blacksmith”, “metal worker”
  • Spencer: “dispenser of provisions”
  • Stringer: “maker of strings”, “maker of bow strings”
  • Stuart: “steward”, “house keeper”
  • Sumner: “one who serves a summons”, “summoner”
  • Tadhg: “poet”
  • Tanner: “one who tans hides”
  • Taylor (u): “tailor”
  • Thatcher: “roof thatcher”
  • Travis: “collector of tolls”
  • Tucker: “cloth fuller”
  • Turner: “one who works with a lathe”
  • Venanzio: “hunter”
  • Walker: “cloth-walker”, “fuller of cloths”
  • Ward: “watchman”, “guardian”
  • Webster: “weaver”

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