24 Beautiful Boy Names with Unique Meanings Great name ideas for baby boys

Jelka Batteiger | April 14, 2022

The name is an ever-lasting gift that you can give your baby. Which is why you should pick something you’ll love forever.

There are a some boy names with unique meanings. We are sure, that your son will be proud of his name, if it means something special.
This list of 24 beautiful and unique baby boy names will definitely cheer you up. Check them out!

1. Frederick

Frederick has the beautiful meaning “peaceful ruler”.

2. Orion

Orion is the “son of the light/fire”.

3. Jarle

The Icelandic name Jarle means “little king”.

4. Keylam

A very special meaning: “the guardian of the soul”.

5. Samir

It never gets boring in the evening together with your son Samir, because the name means “companion in evening talk”.

6. Caleb

Caleb is doing everything “with all his heart” and “full of passion”.

7. Ethan

It is always good to have an Ethan in the family, because it means “enduring”, “solid” and “firm”.

8. Avino

The Baby Name Avino is Kudish and means “summer”.

9. Amrit

Even if it’s impossible, we all wish to have eternal life. The Sanskrit name Amrit means “immortal”.

10. Isaac

Isaac is a very cheerful name :) It means “He (God) will laugh”, “He (God) laughed”, “God has made (somebody) laugh”.

11. Leonardo

It always good to have a Leonardo by your side: “brave lion”.

12. Lian

A very natural name, because it means “graceful willow tree” or “lotus flower”.

13. Maverick

The name Maverick derived from a rancher, who refused to brand his calves in the 90th century. It means “independent”, “he will not conform”, “strong willed” and “valiant hero”. Cool, right?

14. Levin

Levin is a “dear/beloved friend”.

15. Connor

Do you have a dog at home? Your son will love it! Connor means “lover of wolves” or “lover of hounds”.

16. Philip

If you have a horse, then chose Philip and they will be friends forever! Philip means “friend of horses”.

17. Abel

The Hebrew name Abel has the special meanings “breath” and “transience”.

18. Alexander

Alexander will be a protective brother, because the name means “defending men”.

19. Benjamin

This name is the pursuit of happiness: “child of good fortune”, “son of the right hand” and “son of the south”.

20. Tayo

The Nigerian name Tayo means “worth joy”.

21. Anselm

Don’t worry! Your sun lives “with divine protection”.

22. Liam

Liam means “resolute protector”.

23. Alwin

Alwin has the fabulous meaning “friend of the elves” and besides, he is a “noble friend”.

24. Darius

You don’t have to be afraid, that your son is loosing the good, because Darius means “possessing goodness”.

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