Baby Names for Your Spring Girl Girl names inspired by the awakening season

Salome L. | April 14, 2022

After a long winter, we all yearn for it: warmth, colors, sun, scents, singing birds and a good mood: spring is here!

The children who were conceived in summer will see the light of day in spring. A wonderfully fitting season to give birth, because the earth comes to life again, the first flowers and buds sprout, the birds come back and the cycle of life begins again.

Unisex names are marked with a (u). And Easter Names are as well very suitable for spring Babys.

Female names with the meaning “spring”

  • Maybe there are so many girl names that mean “spring” or “springtime” because the time of year goes so well with births? Aviv (u), Aviva, Bahar, Earraigh, Haru (u), Huilen, Ilkyaz, Jara, Jenara, Lente, Pranvera, Primavera, Rabea, Spring, Verna and Vesna
  • Adeva stands for the happy message “the coming of spring”
  • Vesna even is the “Goddess of Spring”
  • We long for it in winter: the “spring sunshine” and a “spring day” = Haruhi (u)
  • Eivor has the magnificent meanings “luck in the spring” and “spring lucky”
  • Aja stands for the beginning of spring, the “cold spring”
  • Koharu is the “small spring”
  • Haruna means “springtime vegetable”
  • Haruka (u) has the beautiful meanings “spring flower” and “spring fragrance”
  • Flora is the Roman goddess of flowers and spring

When everything comes to life

  • “Life” begins anew every spring: Can (u), Livia, Tamara, Taria and Zoe all have the meaning “life”
  • Aischa, Vianna, Vivien (u) and Viv (u) mean “alive”
  • Eva and Evelyn have the meaning “to live”
  • Allegra is “lively”, “cheerful” and “joyous”
  • The name Juna is also very suitable for spring because she is the “source of life”
  • Und Mavie is “my life”

Flowery and blooming girls names

  • The world begins to bloom again: Blerina means “greenery” and Blerta means “green”
  • Florentina and Thalia mean “flower”, “flourishing” and “to blossom”
  • Filiz, Gemma and Mei mean “bud” or “sprout”
  • And Chloé has only just come out of the earth: “green shoot” (new plants, that grow in spring), such as Taimi: “young tree”, “sapling”
  • Hanae is a “branch of blossoms”.
  • Tuva, the “tuft of grass”, can be seen again when the snow melts
  • Girl’s names with the meanings “flower” and “blossom”: Abeba, Flora, Hana, Jasmin (u), Lille (u), Linja, Linnea, Malea, Mina, Sahra and Virág
  • Aiana even is an “everlasting bloom”
  • Anthea is not only a “flower”, but also “flowery”
  • Ima and Aiyana both are a “beautiful flower”
  • Lanea even is a “heavenly flower”
  • Lima means “yellow flower”
  • Hanako is a “flower girl” or “flower child”
  • Jasmin (u) means “jasmine blossom” or “flower” in general
  • We love to smell the “scent” or “fragrance” of: Jasmin (u), Kaori and Mina
  • Linja & Linnea stand for the “twinflower”
  • Liliana, Lillian, Lily, Susanne and Zane all are a “lilyflower”
  • And Cäcilia and Cilia even are a “heavenly lily”
  • The Japanese name Sakura means “cherry blossom”
  • Daisy and Madelief both are “daisies”
  • The Icelandic name Sóley is the spring-like “buttercup”
  • Jola, Viola and Violet stand for the flower “violet”
  • Clover means (the flower) “clover”
  • “Dandelion” and “lion’s tooth”: Dandelion
  • Ffion means “foxglove”
  • Leila stands for “lilac”
  • Lale and Tulip are a “tulip”
  • A “lily of the valley” is Durdica
  • The Kurdish name Berfin means “snowdrop flower”
  • Cigdem stands for the “crocus” and “sunflower”
  • Primrose means “primrose”
  • Hyazintha stands for the flower “Hyacinth”
  • And Iris is a “Iris flower”

Even more spring-like first names

  • April and Avril match the month of April, which opens flowers
  • May stands for the spring month “may”
  • Will you have your first child in May? Then Maivi fits perfectly, because the name means “first born daughter in May”
  • But also Majvi and Majlinda fit perfectly, because they are “born in May”
  • The sun is “shining” because of Elena
  • If there is “sunshine” and “clear weather”, then the Japanese name Haru (u) fits perfectly
  • The small, colorful, fluttering animals can also be seen more frequently as soon as the first flowers bloom. This matches the name Vanessa, she is the “queen of the butterflies”. As well as Jara, the “little butterfly”
  • Melissa and Deborah are really happy about the first flowers in spring, because they are “(honey) bees”
  • Every kid is happy, when it sees a “ladybug”: Kalinka
  • Brigid is the Irish Goddess of spring season, fertility and poetry
  • Diamond, the “diamond” is the birthstone for children born in April and Esmeralda, the “emerald” is the birthstone for May

We have a lot of great Springlike Boy Names for you. Or would you like to see other seasonal names: Summer Girl Names, Girl Names for Autumn Babys, Girl Names for Winter Babys and Summer Boy Names, Autmun Names for Boys or Winter Names for Boys.

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