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Juna is a ♀ girl’s name.

What is the origin of the name Juna?

The name Juna derived from the Roman goddess Juno or Iuno, the goddess of marriage and birth. There is also a Celtic origin. Besides, Juna is a form of the name Luna and a Japanes name.

What does the name Juna mean?

Juna has several meanings, for example “belonging to Juno“ (meaning goddess Juno) or “born in June“. In Saliba, a Colombian language, Juna means “clod of earth” and “source of life”. Other meanings are “desired” (from Celtic “iun” = wish/desire) and “moon” (from Luna) or “young” (from Latin “iuvenis”). In Japanese, Juna means e.g. “wood” or “trees” (from “樹/ju”) or “superiority”, “gentleness”, “kindness” (from yū/優”).

Other variants

Juna can also be spelled Yuna or rarely Youna. A male variant of Juna is Junius. Anagrams for Juna are Anju and Juan.


Popular nicknames for Juna are Ju, Juju, Jun, June or Juni.

Middle names for Juna

Popular middle names for Juna are Genevieve, Nadine, Jolie, Ruth, Evelyn, Dawn, Jasmine, Violet, Erin and Delphine.

Famous people named Juna

  • “General Hospital” actor Bradford Anderson (born 1979) named his daughter Juna Meredith Anderson (born 2011).
  • Japanese bassist and vocalist Juna Serita was recognized as the number one female bassist in 2016.

Fictional characters named Juna

  • High School student Juna Ariyoshi is the main character in the anime “Earth Maiden Arjuna”.

Pronunciation of Juna

Variants of the name Juna

Iuna Youna Yuna Yuuna

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Popularity of the name Juna

The name Juna is ranked #144 overall. It is very popular with parents-to-be and is often chosen as a baby name.

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