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How it all started…

CharliesNames Babyname App Founders and Family

Hi, we are a small family of four, and the creators of CharliesNames.

We got pregnant in 2015 and had no idea which name to choose. Ideas were few and far between and we just couldn’t find inspiration for a suitable name. Reading books, name lists and film credits didn’t bring the desired results. We thought: It should be easier than that! And came up with the idea of creating a baby name app which suggests suitable names and helps you reach your goal quickly. After some months we were able to test the app’s efficiency ourselves and found a beautiful name for our first and some years later also for our second son – all with the help of our baby name app CharliesNames!

Since then it’s been our mission to provide all those looking for a name with plenty of inspiration.

CharliesNames: The team and our authors

Just like our little family grew over the last years, so did the team of CharliesNames.
The founders, Jelka & Stephan, have been joined by André, Clarissa, Julia, Juliane and Michael who support them with all things marketing and help researching origin, meaning, name days and other interesting facts in German, English, French, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese.

Founder and author Jelka Batteiger

Jelka Batteiger

Jelka is one of the founders of CharliesNames. She manages our creative writing team with her passion for languages and names. When she isn’t researching cool facts about names or supporting families as her main profession, she’s enjoying life with her three men spending time in the garden.

The name “Jelka” means “torch”, “moon”, “beautiful”, “light”, “bright”, “shining” and “fir tree”.

Founder Stephan Batteiger

Stephan Batteiger

Stephan is the other founder of CharliesNames. His passion is web development, juggling with and processing all data as well as exploring ways to revolutionize the way we search for names. In his main profession he is co-founder of Peerigon and chairperson of the Kreisjugendring Dachau (the regional council of youth organizations) where he does voluntary service. His favorite activity in his leisure time is spending time with his family.

The name “Stephan” means “crown”, “wreath”, “garland” or “honor”, “reward”, “fame” and “renown”.

Author at CharliesNames

André Gasteiger

André was born in South Tyrol. He has a real gift for languages and is one of our experts when it comes to the origin and meaning of a name, providing all name infos in German, English, French, Spanish and Italian. When he isn’t busy studying Romance at university, he really loves playing soccer.

The name “André” means “manly”, “masculine” and “brave” .

Author at CharliesNames

Clarissa Marinho da Rocha

Clarissa juggles with languages like others do with balls. Born in Rio de Janeiro, she’s now living in Germany and finds the origin and meaning of names in German, English, Spanish and Portuguese.

The name “Clarissa” means “clear”, “bright” and “famous”.

Author at CharliesNames

Julia Raba

Julia did her masters in history and is passionate about writing and researching. She finds all the interesting facts about your favorite names for you. When she isn’t at home and going for walks along the Elbe river, she loves travelling around the world. She never hits the road without her analogue camera and is happy to explore new cultures and cuisines.

The name “Julia” means “of the family of the Julii” and “dedicated to Jupiter” or “devoted to Jove”.

Author at CharliesNames

Juliane Schmetzer

Juliane has a Master of Education and appreciates working for CharliesNames as the perfect balance for her role as a mother while being on parental leave. She loves researching interesting facts about your favorite names.

The name “Juliane” means “of the family of the Julii” and “dedicated to Jupiter” or “devoted to Jove”.

Author at CharliesNames

Selma Jepsen

Selma is well on the way of becoming a teacher and at the same time very passionate about her role in community service where she’s dedicated to working with refugees or blind people. During her studies she supported us for several months with her excellent language skills in Spanish and Portuguese.

The name “Selma” means “with divine protection”, “beautiful view” and “peace”.