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Levi is a ♂ boy’s name.

What is the origin of the name Levi?

Levi is a biblical name of Hebrew origin and refers to the Israelite tribe of Levites (Jewish priests). Levi was one of the twelve sons of Jacob, his mother is called Leah. Besides, Levi is a short form of the Hungarian name Levente.

What does the name Levi mean?

Levi means “attached” or “joined” (from Hebrew “lêvı̂y/לוי” = joined to) and “hero” or “knight” (from Levente).

Variants of the name Levi

If you want to have a short and jet beautiful name for your son, Levi is an excellent choice. Hence the name Levi is already short, there are not many reasons to give a nickname for Levi. But such a short name like Levi is very suitable to give a middle name with. Possible middle names for Levi could be: Levi Elijah, Levi Oliver, Levi Asher, Levi Ethan and Levi Caleb.

  • Levi Lincoln junior was an American politician, who lived from 1782 until 1868. For almost ten years, he was Governor of the state of Massachusetts and later on, he was a member of the U.S. house of representatives. Levi Lincoln was loosely related to Abraham Lincoln and supported him in his run for office.
  • Almost everybody knows the jeans brand Levi’s. The founder of this brand was Levi Strauss, a jewish migrant from Germany, who worked in the second half of the 19th century and established sturdy pants for the gold miners in California. Henceforth, the denim jeans was born and the company Levi’s is still the top selling jeans brand worldwide.
  • A popular musician was Levi Stubbs jr., the lead singer of the US soul band “Four Tops”. He was born in Detroit, Michigan and lived from 1936 to 2008. The “Four Tops” were popular in the sixties until the eighties and sold around 50 million records. Some of the most popular songs are “Baby I Need Your Loving” and “Reach Out I’ll Be There”.
  • Levi Nelson is a famous ice hockey player from Calgary, Canada. He was born in 1988 and currently plays for the British Elite Ice Hockey League. Since 2015, he is under contract with the Sheffield Steelers. Other than for the British, Levi Nelson played for German, Italian and American Ice Hockey teams.
  • Know from television, Levi Randall is a 1993 born actor, who can be seen in productions like “Lost & Found Music Studios”, “Sunday afternoon” and “The next step”.

Levi in Anime

Levi Ackermann is a character from the Anime series “Attack on Titan”, where he is a squad leader and strong soldier. The Japanese version of Levi Ackermann’s character name is Rivai Akkāman. The Anime series has a lange fandom and even an own wiki created for the entire series.

Pronunciation of Levi

Variants of the name Levi

Levie Levy Lewi Lewie Lewy Lévi Lévy

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Popularity of the name Levi

The name Levi is ranked #23 overall. It is very popular with parents-to-be and is often chosen as a baby name.

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