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Louis is a ♂ boy’s name.

What is the origin of the name Louis?

Louis is a French variant of the Old High German name Ludwig. The original form of the name was Hlodovic, which developed into the name Chlodowig over the centuries, and became the Latinized form Clodovico, then Ludovicus and finally was Frenchified into Ludovic and Louis.

What does the name Louis mean?

Louis means “famous warrior” (from Old High German “hlūt” = famous/loud +”wīg” = battle/war).

Suitable middle names for Louis

Louis is a popular choice for a boy’s name. You can pronounce the name Louis with a silent “s”, like the French version, or you can pronounce it the English way with the sharp “s” at the end. The Spanish version of the name is Luiz and the English version is Lewis. If you want to name your son Louis, you can chose a suitable middle name like: Louis Raphael, Louis Ryan, Louis Jacob, Louis Nathan or Louis Jonah.

Famous people named Louis

  • One of the undoubtedly most famous people named Louis is the former French king Louis XIV., who lived from 1638 to 1715 and is commonly referred to as “the Sun King”. After the death of his father he was crowned as the King of France at just 4 years old and he reigned to his death in 1715. Therefore, his reign of over 72 years is the longest reign of a monarch in a sovereign country ever recorded. He was a great influence to the age of Absolutism in Europe and one of his most famous quotes is: “The state, that’s me.”, which shows his absolutistic views on his own power.
  • Another royal, yet contemporary example for the name Louis is the 2018 born British HRH Prince Louis of House of Windsor. Prince Louis full name is Louis Arthur Charles of Cambridge. He is the son of Crown Prince William and his wife Duchess Kate Middleton and one of the five great-great-grandchildren of Elizabeth II and King Charles III. A law that passed in 2015 made Louis the first Prince ever to come after his older sister in the line of succession of the British throne. Before this law passed, sons were always considered before daughters in the line of succession. This makes Prince Louis numerals four in the line of succession of the British throne.
  • In the design department, Louis Vuitton is the most famous man named Louis. He lived from 1821 until 1892 and sold high quality trunks to wealthy people of his era. His products became a status symbol after a short period of time and are considered as luxury products to this day. The brand “Louis Vuitton” is now most famous for its purses and is an important part of the high fashion industry.
  • A famous performer with the name Louis is the Stand-Up comedian Louis C.K. whose real name is Louis Székely, which is pronounced “CK” and therefore originated his stage name Louis C.K. Louis was born in 1967 in Washington D.C. and his career started in the 90s with writing for comedy shows such as “Saturday Night Live”. Later on, he wrote his own Stand-Up performances and won many awards for his work. Following 2017, allegations of sexual misconduct showed a problematic side to Louis C.K. He was not charged for these allegations, but faced serious consequences, as many former business partners quit the contracts with him.

Pronunciation of Louis

Variants of the name Louis

Lluís Luis Luiz Luís

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Popularity of the name Louis

The name Louis is ranked #74 overall. It is very popular with parents-to-be and is often chosen as a baby name.

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