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Theo is a ♂ boy’s name.

What is the origin of the name Theo?

Theo is a short variant of the name Theodore, which is of Greek origin. Besides, Theo is a diminutive of other names beginning with “Theo-“, like the Old High German names Theobald and Theoderich.

What does the name Theo mean?

Theo means “gift of God” (from ancient Greek “theós/θεός” = god/deity + “dôron/δῶρον” = gift). Without the second name element, Theo just means “God”. Besides, Theo means “people” (from Old High German “diot” or Germanic “theud”).

Varieties of the name Theo

The name Theo is a short version of Theodore and was only used as a nickname for many years. Parents, who like short and modern namens meanwhile can choose Theo as a good option for a first name. Other spelling possibilities are Teo and Théo. Beautiful middle name options for Theo are: Theo Jasper, Theo Elliot, Theo Henry, Theo Luca, Theo Silas, Theo Oscar and Theo Levi.

Famous men named Theo

  • Theo is the stage name of the Korean singer and songwriter Choi Tae-yang. Theo got famous for his career as a vocalist of the K-Pop band “P1Harmony”.
  • Another name bearer is Theo James, a British actor born 1984, who appears in the “Divergent” franchise. He also plays a role in the “Underworld” movies. He is married to the Irish actress Ruth Kearney and the couple welcomed a baby in 2021.
  • A successful soccer player is Theo Walcott. The British soccer player plays for FC Southampton as a forward. Theo has played for several British soccer teams in his career, including Arsenal London.
  • Theo Von is an American Stand-Up comedian, TV personality and podcaster. Theo Von’s real name is Theodor Capitani from Kurnatowski III. Theo lives in Nashville, Tennessee, where he produces his podcast “This Past Weekend” and “The King and The Sting”. He also appears in a new comedy special on Netflix from 2021 named “Regular People”.

TV-Characters named Theo

  • In season 3 of the famous Netflix show “You”, Theo Engler appears as a character. Theo is played by Dylan Arnold and adds a lot of tension to the romantic drama series. On screen, Theo engages in a risky affair with main character Love, played by Victoria Pedretti.
  • Theo Raeken is a character from the Teenie series “Teen Wolf”, who was present from 2015 to 2017. Theo is portrayed by Cody Christian. The show adapts many references to various mythology, such as the Celtic, Greek and Japanese mythology.

Pronunciation of Theo

Variants of the name Theo

Teo Théo Téo

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Popularity of the name Theo

The name Theo is ranked #47 overall. It is very popular with parents-to-be and is often chosen as a baby name.

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