Hawaiian Names Names that remind you of vacation, summer, sun and sea

Salome L. | June 22, 2022

Hawaiians not only have beautiful beaches, landscapes and exotic animals to offer, but also a few very special Hawaiian names with wonderful meanings. If you’re still looking for a fancy name for your baby, you’ve come to the right place.

Not only do the names sound beautiful, they often have an even nicer meaning. The names often derive from the word “lani”, which means “heaven”. In combination with other words, so many great meanings emerge, such as “heavenly cloud” (Aolani) or “calm skies” (Nalani) . We have selected the most beautiful names for you.

Aloha! Here are the loveliest Hawaiian unisex baby names

  • Anuenue has the colorful meaning “rainbow”.
  • Hoku means “star” and “night of the full moon”.
  • The name Kahekili stands for “the thunder”.
  • Kai has the meaning “ocean”.
  • “The sweetheart” is Kaipo.
  • Kalama has the meaning “the endemic ebony” or “the torch”.
  • The name Kalani stands for “the heavens”, but it can also mean “royal one”.
  • “The child” or “the flowers” are Kalei and Lei.
  • Kanoa stands for “the free one”.
  • Kapua ist “the flower” and “the child”.
  • Makani means “wind”.
  • And Nahele has the meaning “forest”.

Hawaiian Girl Names

  • The name Aina means “country” or “that which feeds”.
  • “Precious” or “ripe” is the meaning of the name Alamea.
  • Alani stands for “orange” (the fruit or the tree).
  • A “heavenly cloud” is Aolani.
  • Harway can also be seen in the sky: a “rising star”.
  • In winter “white snow” falls from the sky: Haukea.
  • Haunani even is “beautiful snow”.
  • Hokulani means “heavenly star”.
  • And Iolani is a “royal hawk”.
  • Your own baby: for parents usually the greatest “happiness” and “joy”: Kalea.
  • The “beautiful one” or “the beauty” is Kanani.
  • Kiana and Kiani mean “divine” and “heavenly”. In Hawaiian, the word “kiani” means “to flip, to wave gently, as the hand overhead in a hula gesture” or “to wheel and dip, as a soaring bird”.
  • The names Lailani, Leilani and Leylani have the beautiful meanings “royal child” or “heavenly flowers”.
  • Lanea also means “heavenly flower”.
  • And Lani, Loni and Lonie stands for “heaven”, “sky” or “royal”.
  • Lea is a goddess of canoe builders in Hawaiian mythology and means “joy” or “happiness”.
  • “Happiness”, “pleasure” or “enjoyment” is the meaning of Luana and Louna.
  • Lulani stands for the “highest point in heaven”.
  • Maile means “wine” or “shrub” and is used in making leis, the popular Hawaiian wreaths.
  • Maili is a “pebble”.
  • The name Malia is a Hawaiian form of the name Maria and means e.g. “sea of bitterness” and “beloved”.
  • Malie is “calm” or “serene”.
  • Malio, on the other hand, is “rebellious”.
  • And Malou & Malu mean “peace”.
  • Melika is a Hawaiian form of Melissa and means “(honey)bee”.
  • The name Moana stands for the “wide expanse of water” or “deep sea”.
  • There fits the name Naia, because it means “dolphin”.
  • Nalani has the beautiful meanings “serenity of the skies”, “calm skies” and “the heavens” or “royal one”.
  • The summerly name Nalu means “wave” and “surf”.
  • The names Naneah, Nani and Neah stand for “glory” and “beauty”.
  • Nayla and Neyla are a “girl from paradise”.
  • Noelani means “heavenly mist”.
  • And Okelani is just “from heaven”.
  • Palila means “bird”.
  • Another suitable name for your little princess is Pualani, because the name means “royal offspring”, but as well “heavenly flower”.
  • Ualani is the “rain from heaven”.
  • And Ulani will be a “cheerful” child.

Beautiful Hawaiian Names for Boys

  • The names Akoni and Anakoni have the meaning “of the Antonius family” and “of inestimable worth” or “priceless one”, because they derive from the name Antony.
  • Ikaia is a Hawaiian form of Isaiah and means “Yahweh is salvation”.
  • “Strong” is Ikaika.
  • Kaleo means “the voice” or “the sound”.
  • Kane is a suitable name for your little son, because it means “man”.
  • Keano and Keanu stand for “the cool breeze (over the mountains)”.
  • Kekoa is “the warrior” and the “brave one”.
  • The name Kenoah means “the white dove”.
  • Keoki is a Hawaiian variant of the name George and means “farmer” or “earthworker”.
  • “Yahweh is gracious” is the meaning of the name Keoni, which is a Hawaiian form of John.
  • “May God protect” him : Kimo is a Hawaiian form of James.
  • Koa and Koah are a “warrior” and “koa tree”.
  • And the name Liko means “bud”.
  • Lono stands for the “God of fertility, agriculture, rainfall, music and peace”, but as well for “news” or “new information”.
  • Makaio is a Hawaiian form of Matthew and means “gift of Yahweh”.
  • “Dedicated to (the Roman God) Mars” is Maleko, a Hawaiian variant of Mark.
  • Nakoa means “the warriors”.
  • “Stone” and “rock” is the meaning of the name Pika, which derived from Peter.

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