Celestial Baby Names Baby names inspired by the sun, moon & stars

Jana M. | April 14, 2022

Twinkle, twinkle, little star, how I wonder what you are… Yes, our galaxy is truly fascinating and breathtaking at once. A long time ago, our ancestors interpreted any events only by star images.

These times are gone for a long time, but the stars are still mysterious and important celestial inhabitants for us. They turn the black night sky into something romantic. We even attribute magic powers to the stars, because shooting stars fulfill our secret wishes. The signs of the zodiac also stand for the great importance of the stars for us humans.

Besides the twinkling stars, the sun and the moon are also two celestial bodies that accompany us through the day and the night. Without the sun and its warmth, life on earth would not be possible and the moon is so powerful, that it ensures the ebb and flow of the tide.

What a beautiful idea it is to name your own child after our celestial bodies! According to the motto: sun, moon and stars.

Here are many beautiful girls and boys names related to our solar system ((u) means unisex name):

Star names for little girls

Sunny names for girls

Moon names for baby girls

More feminine celestial names

  • Sometimes you can’t see the sun because of the clouds: Anzu, Cloud (u), Nefeli, Nel (u) & Wolke (u) mean “cloud”
  • Tamia, Thora & Thorvi mean “thunder”
  • Rai is both “thunder” and “lightning”
  • And Ulka means “meteorite”

Sunny boy names

Star names for little boys

  • When the clouds are good at night, you might see the stars: Aster, Bahula (u), Najem, Naledi, Nedzmi & Soann mean “star”
  • Tarik is the “morning star”and “bright star”
  • Sterling is a “little star”
  • Bardhyl means “white star”
  • The “burning star” is Sirius, because he is the brightest star in our heaven
  • Jonne is the “star child”
  • And Shihab is the “shooting star”

Moon names for baby boys

More masculine celestial names

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