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Salome L. | April 14, 2022

Their own baby - for many parents it is the most precious and valuable thing in the world. If you are looking for a fancy name for your child that also stands for something very valuable, a first name with the meaning “gemstone” could be just the thing for you.

Gemstone given names are common in many languages. We have picked out the most beautiful girls names for you:

  • Amazonita is the green gemstone Amazonite.
  • Amber and Inbar, the orange-yellow gemstones, are formed from fossil resin.
  • Amethyst is a purple semi-precious stone, which was believed to be a remedy against drunkenness. It is the birthstone of February.
  • In the Middle Ages, Azure was another name for the gemstone lapis lazuli. It means “sky blue”.
  • Beryl is a clear precious stone.
  • Crystal, the colorless glass.
  • Diamond: diamonds are the girl’s best fiend! It is a colourless precious stone and the birthstone of April.
  • Esmeralda means “emerald”, a green gemstone and the birthstone of May.
  • The names Giada and Jade mean “jade”.
  • Lapis is an “azure blue stone”.
  • Nila and Nilam mean “sapphire”
  • Onyx is a unisex name and stands for the black gemstone.
  • Opal & Opalina is a beautiful iridescent gemstone and the birthstone of October.
  • Peridot is a green precious stone, which was already mentioned in the Old Testament. It is the birthstone of August.
  • The pink to blood-red coloured gemstone Ruby is the gemstone of July.
  • Saphira, the “sapphire” is blue and the birthstone of September.

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