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Amelia is a ♀ girl’s name.

What is the origin of the name Amelia?

Amelia is a variant of the name Amalia. Amalia is a short form of Old High German names with the element “Amal”, e.g. Amalinde, Amalberga oder Amalswinta.

What does the name Amelia mean?

Amelia means “brave” and “diligent” (from Gothic “amals”) or “work” (from Gothic “amal”).

Variants of the name Amelia

Amelia is a name with a long history, as it originates from Old High German. However, despite its long past, the name has lost none of its timelessness and modern sound. So if you want to give your little daughter a stylish name with a beautiful meaning, you are definitely right with Amelia.

Variants and middle names

Other spellings of the name are Ameliah, Amelya, Amélia or Amélja. As a middle name for a little Amelia you can choose the combinations Amelia Leticia, Amelia Marie, Amelia Alyse, Amelia Rose or Amelia Grace.

Well-known women named Amelia

  • A historically very famous Amelia is the American aviation pioneer and women’s rights activist Amelia Earhart (1897 - 1937). She fought as a girl to be treated as an equal with boys her age and collected newspaper clippings about women who worked in what were then all-male professions. After dropping out of medical school, Amelia discovered her passion for flying and became the first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic, from Newfoundland to Northern Ireland. She became an icon for the emancipation of women. In 1937, Amelia planned her next venture: to be the first person to circumnavigate the earth at the equator. It was on this mission that disaster struck – as her last stopover, Amelia had chosen Howland Island, a small island in the Pacific Ocean measuring only 2.6 square kilometers. However, she never arrived on the island and radio communications were cut off. Even after a large-scale search, neither her body nor the wreckage of the plane could be found. Amelia was first declared missing and then dead in 1939. There are many songs, films and other recognitions of her pioneering life and work.
  • Amelia Fiona Jessica “Minnie” Driver (born 1970) is a British-American actress and singer. In 1997 she was nominated for an Academy Award for her role in the film “Good Will Hunting”. Amelia also became known for her starring role in the series “The Riches” (2007 - 2008), which is about an Irish Traveller family.

Amelia in film and television

  • Amelia ‘Mia’ Thermopolis is the protagonist of the book series “The Princess Diaries” by American author Meg Cabot. The series was published from 2000 and was later co-filmed, starring Anne Hathaway as Amelia Thermopolis. The story is about a young New Yorker Amelia (called Mia) who learns that she is not a normal girl, but the Princess of Genovia, a fictional country in Europe ruled by Amelia’s father and grandmother. After the surprising discovery of being a real princess, Amelia must navigate between her teenage life at American high school and royal court life.
  • Another protagonist is Amelia Louise McBride from “Amelia rules!” comic books by Jimmy Gownley. Nine-year-old Amelia has to move away from Manhattan because of her parents’ divorce and ends up in a small American town. There everything is different from home and she meets some very crazy friends. Young Amelia has to find her way in her new everyday life and experiences some adventures.

Pronunciation of Amelia

Variants of the name Amelia

Amelja Amélia Amélya

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Popularity of the name Amelia

The name Amelia is ranked #25 overall. It is very popular with parents-to-be and is often chosen as a baby name.

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