Beautiful Autumnal Names for Boys Boy names inspired by autumn and fall

Jelka Batteiger | April 14, 2022

The leaves turn orange, red and yellow, the weather gets windier, it gets dark and rainy and Christmas is nocking on the door: autumn is coming!

These are the cosy days between hot summer and cold winter, when it smells of pumpkin and the squirrels bury their nuts. A great time to give birth to your child.
If you’re pregnant and due to have your little boy in September, October or November, check out these stunning autumnal boy names:

Masculine names for rainy weather

  • The unisex name Jora means “autumn rain”
  • Mojo is a West African name and means “rain”
  • No rain without Mazin = “rain clouds”
  • Indra means “possessing drops of rain” and is the name of the Indian god of the sky and rain
  • Nodin and Samir mean “wind”
  • Zephyr is “the west wind”
  • And Kiano is the “wind in the waves”, “whirlwind” and “fresh wind”

Autumnal flora and fauna

  • The “forest” is beautifully coloured in fall. Forrest and Silvan also mean “dweller near the woods” and “man of the woods”
  • Ainsley is the “solitary clearing” in the woods
  • The “oak” with the acorns is a tree, which makes us think of autumn: Alon is the “oak tree” and Oakley the “oak clearing”
  • Lenne is the “flying bird” and makes us think of all the birds, which fly away from the cold

More autumnal boy names

  • These boy names are suitable for the golden season: Aurel, Aurelius, Aurelian, Artan, Arton and Zlatan mean “golden”, “gilded”
  • The Albanian name Florim has the meaning “piece of gold”
  • Orell is “made of gold”
  • Arian means “our gold”
  • Rumo is “red-cheeked” after a cold winter walk
  • Moran has the meaning “fog”, which is typical of the autumn season
  • Gry is the “dawn”, when the days start getting shorter

There are also beautiful Autumn Names for Girls.
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