Great Winter Names for Baby Girls Perfect choices for girls inspired by wintertime and Christmas

Jelka Batteiger | April 14, 2022

For many - especially for children - it is the most beautiful time of the year: Christmas time. It is full of family time, celebrations, singing songs, gifts, lights, snow and, above all, cosiness in the warm home.

Did you get pregnant in spring and are you due have your little girl in winter or even at Christmas? And are you looking forward to cuddling up with your newborn? Or do you just love that season? Then you have to check out these great seasonal Baby Girl Names:

White like snow

Winterly and warming baby girl names for cold days

  • Perfect name for winter girls: Winter
  • The winter months November and December are names as well
  • January and Jenara are perfect names for “January” Babys
  • Skadi is in the north mythology the “Goddess of hunting and of the winter”
  • Robin is the bird who stays with us in winter
  • If we think of Alaska, we think of snow and coldness
  • Rin means “cold”
  • And Frost (u) and Frostine mean “frost” or “freezing”
  • Aurora is the name of the wonderful “polar lights” in the north
  • Eisa and Ember (“glowing embers”) are warming us in cold days
  • Even warmer are the names Bast, Candela and Nur, because they mean “fire”, “heat” or “blaze” and Hestia, which means “fireside”
  • Enya: sometimes, we only need a “little fire”
  • The female name Seraphina means “fiery ones”

Feminine Christmas names

Here you can find beautiful Winterly Boy Names. Or would you like to see other seasonal names: Baby Girl Names for Autumn Babys, Girl Names for Spring Babys, Summer Girl Names and Autmun Names for Boys, Baby Boy Names for Winter Babys or Summer Boy Names.

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