Baby Names for Lucky Children

Gorgeous names with happy and joyful meanings


Happiness - it is a word and a feeling that many parents associate with their children. Their child is “their greatest happiness”.

Our greatest wish for our children is that they are happy and that they live a joyful life. It is one of the most beautiful and important states of mind that we can feel.
The word happiness is written on every other birthday card. And fairy tales also end with the beautiful sentence “… and they lived happily ever after.”
There are many great boy and girl names with happy meanings. We have collected them for you ((u) means unisex name).

Happy Name Meanings for Girls

Happy Name Meanings for Boys

  • Perfect lucky boy names are Anand, Ayo (u), Chance, Onni, Tayo, Tygo, Vinod and Yuki (u), because they all mean “luck”, “joy”, “happiness” or “bliss”
  • “Blessed”, “lucky” and “happy” - these are the meanings behind the masculine and unisex first names Ayman, Beat, Beatus, Felix, Hani, Masud, Mesut, Naïm, Onni, Said, Sajan, Lucky (u) and Nara (u)
  • Fatjon means “our luck”
  • You don’t need to worry about Jaron and Yarin, because they will always be “full of joy” and they “cry of rejoicing”.
  • Yoshi simply means “good luck” and Maddox means “fortunate”.
  • The name Benjamin and its short form Ben are names for a “child of good fortune”.
  • Tayo has the magnificent meaning “worth joy”.
  • And Dilshad (u) will always be happy, because the meaning of the name is “happy heart”.
  • The Turkish name Ugur (u) means “good omen”.

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