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Beautiful name ideas for Baby Girls

Jelka | 14.08.2019

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Some people think it is important, some not. Almost each name has one. Sometimes the name researchers don’t agree on it, some seldom names doesn’t have one. There are beautiful and less beautiful ones. But one thing is certain: It is always worth researching the meaning of a name.

The name is an ever-lasting gift that you can give your baby. If you chose a name with a unique meaning, your daughter can be proud of. We have found 44 meaningful Baby Girl Names for you. Maybe you fall in love with one of it?

1. Gemma

Gemma is a name of Latin origin and means “gem”, “precious stone” and “jewel”.

2. Ilayda

The Turkish name Ilayda has four unique meanings: “water sprite”, “raindrops in paradise”, “the angel’s tear” and “mermaid.”

3. Nilay

Nilay is Turkish and means “moon over the Nile”.

4. Tamika

Tamika means “beautiful child” in Japanese, “sweet” in Swahili and “flower of the rising sun”.

5. Abigail

Abigail means “my father is joyful”.

6. Akshita

… because the love for your daughter is “limitless”.

7. Ranya

Ranya is an Arabic girl’s name with the stunning meaning “one who has a loving gaze”.

8. Dina

Dina has the extraordinary meaning “nice protective place”.

9. Frieda

Frieda is “the peaceful ruler” and “the princess of peace”, as well as “the spirit of nature” and “the strong elf”.

10. Layana

There are two special meanings of Layana: “place of rest”, “resting place” in Sanskrit and “little night owl” in Arabic.

11. Vanessa

Vanessa is the “queen of the butterflies”.

12. Afryea

If the birthday of your baby girl is a good day, the West African name Afryae could be suitable, because it means “born during happy times”, “born at a time of prosperity”.

13. Sünje

The Frisian name Sünje means “little sun”.

14. Lillesol

Sünje is similar to the Swedish girl’s name Lillesol, which means “little sunshine”.

15. Mira

There are a lot of great meanings of the babyname Mira: “wonderful” (Latin), “ocean/sea” (Sanskrit), “peace” (Russian/Slovene), “fate” (Greek), “(little) princess”, “good”, “nice” (Arabic) and “princess” (Kurdish).

16. Xia

Xia is a Chinese name and means “glow of the sunrise”, “heroine” or “summer”.

17. Tatum

Tatum is a very happy girl’s name, because it means “cheerful bringer of joy”.

18. Yoko

The Japanese female name Yoko means “sun child” and “sea child”.

19. Orlaith

Orlaith is an Irish girl’s name and means “golden princess”.

20. Lina

Lina has some nice meanings: “free woman”, “palm tree”, “tender” or “light”.

21. Tali

The Hebrew name Tali means “dew”.

22. Tuana

Tuana is the “first raindrop from heaven” - such a nice picture!

23. Iris

Sun and rain at the same time creates a “rainbow”. And that’s the meaning of the girl’s name Iris.

24. Philomena

Philomena has a lot of beautiful, positive meanings: “friend”, “lover”, “strength”, “mind”, “force” and “loved”.

25. Hanako

Do you like flowers? Then name your baby girl Hanako = “flower girl”, “flower child”.

26. Amaya

There are three unique meanings: “night rain”, “tender” and “soft”.


Varisa is a name for people, who love to live on boats, cause it means “sleeping on the sea”.

28. Tamara

Just take one of these stunning meanings: “date palm”, “life”, “lotus blossom”, “water lily”, “little dancer” or “goddess of the sun”.

29. Aurora

Aurora has the two nice meanings “the dawn” and “polar lights”.

30. Philippa

Do you have a horse? Your daughter will love it! Philippa means “friend of horses”.

31. Selena

Selena has the magical meanings “moon” and “goddess of the moon”.

32. Maylin

We love the meanings of the girl’s name Maylin: “beautiful jade”, “beautiful orchid”, “nice day”, “black panther” or “big waterfall”.

33. Samira

It never gets boring in the evening together with your daughter Samira, because the name means “companion in evening talk”.

34. Abiba

Birth and death - that’s life… Abiba means “first child born after the grandmother has died”.

35. Althea

The Greek name Althea has the beautiful meaning “healing”.

36. Natsuki

Natsuki is a Japanese name and means “summer”, “hope”, “princess”, “greens” or “moon”.

37. Effie

This name means something we all hope for in our children: “well-spoken” or “to use words of good omen”.

38. Cassandra

Cassandra will never have problems to find a partner in life, because she is “shining upon men” and “fills men with love”.

39. Minerva

No problems at the school! Minerva means “of the mind”, “of intellect” - a characteristic trait, we all wish for our childs.

40. Morganne

A name for everyone, who loves the sea and boats. Morganne means “born on the sea”.

41. Beatrix

Beatrix means “traveller” and “happy”. A daughter, who is happy and is travelling around the world - that’s a wonderful vision.

42. Kamila

Kamile is the “perfect one”, but as well “free born”, “noble” or “honorable” and even “bridal”.

43. Ima

Ima has the beautiful meanings “love”, “charity”, “how beautiful!”, “beautiful girl”, “beautiful flower” or “universal”.

44. Améthyste

And at the end, we have a very unique meaning of a very unique name for you: Améthyste is the perfect name for women to drink some wine with, because it derives from the name of the purple stone Amethyst, which was believed to be a remedy against drunkenness.

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