Georgeous Winter Names for Baby Boys Best choices for boys inspired by wintertime and Christmas

Jelka Batteiger | April 14, 2022

For many - especially for children - it is the most beautiful time of the year: Christmas time. It is full of family time, celebrations, singing songs, gifts, lights, snow and, above all, cosiness in the warm home.

Did you get pregnant in spring and are you due to welcome your little boy into the world in winter or even at Christmas? And are you looking forward to cuddling up with your newborn? Then you have to take a look at these great seasonal Baby Boy Names:

White like snow

  • Perfect for the winter are boy names, that mean “snow”: Bora, Edur, Nevio, Nevis and Yas
  • Zane is perfect as well. It means “white like snow”
  • The Japanese name Yuki has the meaning “snow flower”
  • This is the perfect baby name after it snowed: Whitaker means “white field” and “white acre”
  • Boris is the “snow leopard”
  • Aubin and Finn stand for “white”

Winterly and warming baby boy names for cold days

  • The winter months November and December are names as well
  • Saint Nicholas is the basis for the figure known as Santa Claus, who brings the presents
  • Colden means “cold valley”
  • Frost (u) means “frost”
  • Rumo is “red-cheeked” after a cold winter walk
  • It gets warm with the names Aidan and Nur, because they are a “fire” or a “little fire”
  • Atesh means also “fire” and brings “heat” and “blaze”
  • And Nuria is even the “fire of God”
  • Silvester: the perfect name for the last day of the year. Besides, the name means “of the forest”

Masculine Christmas names

  • If your baby comes into the world at Christmas, Noël is a perfect name, because it means “born at Christmas”
  • Also the Scottish name Yule and the unisex names Jule and Nollaig mean “Christmas”, “Christmas Day” or “birthday of the Lord”
  • I “wish” you a Merry Christmas… “wish” means Arman, Mian (u) and Murat
  • Douglas is the name of one of the most popular types of Christmas tree
  • A “light in the night” showed the shepherds the way to the Christ child: Jaro
  • Sirius is the “burning star”
  • The male name Jonne means “star child”
  • Ziya has the meanings “light”, “splendour” and “glow”
  • Orion is the “son of the light/fire”
  • Bodhi stands for “enlightenment” and “awakening”
  • Dian (u) means “candle”
  • And Chandler (u) is the “candle seller”
  • Golden is the perfect Chritsmas color for handmade stars, wrapping paper or Christmas tree decorations. These boy’s names mean “golden”: Artan, Aurel, Kin (u), Orell & Oriole (u)
  • The archangel Gabriel announced the birth of Jesus
  • These baby boy names mean “angel” or “messenger” as well: Angel, Angelo, Anjo, Michelangelo and Pari
  • Boris means “divine” or “heavenly”
  • A suitable name for Christians is Christian, which means “a Christian”
  • This is what the children wait for all day: the presents. Neo and Shai (u) mean “gift”
  • Jonathan, Matthew and Theodor are the “gift of God/Yahweh”
  • Gregory is the “shepherd” and Baran his “sheep” in the herd
  • The Magi / the three kings / the wise men are called Gaspar, Melchior and Balthazar
  • Suitable for Christmas are all the names, that mean “holy”, “saint” or “blessed”: Benedict, Bennett, Bent, Naël and Saint. And Nevin is the “little saint”.
  • Rudolph is the name of the famous red nosed reindeer
  • And suitable is of course the name Josef

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