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Salome L. | June 11, 2022

Who doesn’t love it? The summer! A wonderful time to have a baby. The sun’s rays tickle your baby, you can spend a lot of time outside, breastfeeding on park benches and meeting other parents for picnics in parks.

Do you have a little summer boy in your belly who sees the light of day between June and August? And are you still looking for a suitable name for him? Then this list of great names for summer boys will definitely help you ((u) = unisex name).

Summery and sunny boy names

  • It couldn’t be more suitable, because these names mean “summer”: Avino, Behar, Hefin & Natsu (u)
  • It shines strong and warm from the sky: the “sun” = Aelius, Ciro, Cyrus, Helios, Inti, Nara (u), Ravi, Samson, Sorin & Tidus
  • Lenius, Leno and Lucian are “shining” like the sun
  • Ilias & Haru (u) are the “sunshine”
  • And Kiran (u) is a “ray of light”
  • Sunny (u) is “sunny” and “cheerful”
  • Ronas is “knowing his sun”
  • “Child of the sun” is Ilias
  • Addae is “the morning sun”, which can often be so nice and warm in summer
  • Anatoli (u) stands for the “sunrise”
  • Anatol is “from the land where the sun rises”
  • Rodi (u) is a Kurdish name which means “someone who had seen/lived good days and years” or “someone who saw the sun”

The days are getting brighter

  • The “light” pleases us again for several hours a day: Nohr, Nuri, Louan & Lux (u)
  • Berhane (u) is all yours: “my light”
  • He is the “son of the light”: Orion
  • Melchior even is “the king of light”
  • And Leondrit is “born in the light”

Off to the sea!

  • Summer calls for a vacation at the “sea”: Deniz (u), Ismar, Kai, Llyr & Moran (u)
  • Ocean (u) is “the ocean”
  • Merle (u) & Muriel (u) even mean “bright sea”
  • Dorian (u) is the “child of the sea”
  • Meredith (u) means “sea lord”
  • And Narius is the “god of the sea”
  • Kjartan is a “mariner” and a “sea warrior”
  • They love the sea: Amarin, Marius & Rinus are “of the sea” and “belonging to the sea”
  • If your son is born on a ship, then Morgan (u) fits perfectly, because he is “born on the sea”
  • He cannot walk over the sea, but at least Kaito is “flying over the sea”
  • Merlin ist a “sea fortress”
  • The “wave” is important for surfers: Bo, Malik & Valon
  • Everyone would like to vacation on an “island”: Holm
  • Lyle is “from the island”
  • Kent means “coastal district”
  • Cove (u) means “cove”
  • And Palmiro grows on islands: the “palm tree”
  • Often blows by the sea: Nasim (u), the “breeze”
  • Many associate the summer with a vacation in the south. The Norwegian name Sondre means “south” and “from the south”

Even more summery baby names for boys

  • Haruto stands for “clear weather”
  • The Turkish name Mavi means “blue” - just like the cloudless summer sky
  • Atesh is the “heat” and the “temperature” in summer
  • Ham means “hot” and “warm”
  • Fraser, the “strawberry planter”, makes us happy with the little red fruits in summer
  • Lian (u) stands for the summery “lotus flower”
  • Ovtavius fits perfectly for boys born in August. It means “born in the eight month”
  • And of course the summer month August is always suitable

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