The Baby Name App - Together with lots of fun

Together with lots of fun

It's a Match! When it comes to finding baby names, CharliesNames basically works just like Tinder. You can simply rate the names by swiping left or right. If you are connected with your partner, you'll see immediately which names you both like – after all that's what it's all about!
You can also have all the names displayed as a list to rate them – whatever you prefer. The integrated Artificial Intelligence, our "Charlie", learns something new every day and will show you the most suitable names first.

The Baby Name App - Your favorite baby names

Your favorite baby names

You can mark your favorite names with a heart. The app will collect them all, sort them out nicely and create a list with your personal favorites. You can update this list anytime and compare it with your partner's! And you can also review names that you're not sure about or which you don't like at all. Just to make sure that you're really not missing anything.

The Baby Name App - Partner, native country and international comparison

Partner, native country and international comparison

CharliesNames is the baby name app for couples! You're sharing a common favorite name list with your partner, which shows what you both like – or not. And if you want to know which first names are popular in your native country or internationally, you can launch a direct comparison to find out.

The Baby Name App - Filter


You're expecting a girl, like names that start with an "L" and have no more than four letters – like the word LOVE? With the filters you can set up your individual search preferences and only have the most suitable names displayed. You can even filter by popularity in a certain country, and if you submit your surname and a potential second first name, too, you'll see immediately if the first name fits.

The Baby Name App - Origin and meaning

Origin and meaning

There are names with such wonderful meanings like "flower of the rising sun" (Tamika), and since we don't want to keep them from you, you'll find that most names come with a description of the meaning as well as the origin. If you know a name, which Charlie doesn't know yet, you can simply add it!

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