Summer First Names for Baby Girls Girl names inspired by the warm season

Salome L. | June 11, 2022

Life takes place outside again, the warming sun lures us all out of our rooms. The sweaters have to wait in the back corner of the closet for cool days, because skirts, dresses and shorts are now making their grand entrance: it’s summer!
It is the most beautiful season for many of us, because it smells like sun cream, watermelon, ice cream, vacation, long mild evenings and summer thunderstorms. Everything seems so much easier and the summer warmth puts a good mood on the faces.

If you got pregnant in autumn and a little summer girl is waiting in your belly for sunshine, palm trees or beautiful days at the lake, then we have some suitable feminine summer first names for you ((u) = unisex name).

Girl names meaning “summer”

Feminine sunny names

The days are getting brighter

Off to the sea!

  • Summer calls for a vacation by the “sea” or the “ocean”: Daria, Deniz (u), Mara, Meri, Mira, Moana, Moran, Ocean (u) and Thalassa
  • Moana is the “deep sea” or “wide expanse of water”
  • Merle (u) and Muriel (u) even are the “bright sea”
  • Naia stands for the “sea foam”
  • Marisol is the perfect mix: “sea and sun”
  • Dorian (u) and Yoko are a “child of the sea” or “sea child”
  • And Delja means “daughter of the sea”
  • Vaiana is “the girl from the water”
  • Nerina is a “sea nymph” and Ilayda is a “mermaid”
  • Meredith (u) means “sea lord”
  • “sea of biterness”, “sea pearl” and “sea star” - the three magnificent meanings of: Marleen, Maria and Miriam
  • If your child is born on a ship, you might call it Morgan (u) = “born on the sea”
  • Maren, Marina, Marnie & Mina are “of the sea”
  • Varisa is “sleeping on the sea”
  • The “wave”, hidden behind the names Naia, Ona, Tahnee & Undine, is important for all surfers
  • Holma and Iona also sound like vacation: “island”
  • Sóley even is a “sun island”
  • And Lina and Palmira grow on islands: “palm tree”
  • Sahel means “beach” or “coast”
  • Cove (u) means “cove”
  • Often blows by the sea: Nasim (u) and Brisa = the “breeze”, the “wind”
  • And Giah stands for a wonderful “waterfall”
  • Many associate the summer with a vacation in the south. The Japanese name Konan (u) means “little south”

Even more summery baby names for girls

  • Maylin is a “nice day”
  • Bast stands for the “heat” in summer
  • Melissa, Deborah and Nala are a “(honey) bee”
  • Zora, “the hornet”, scares some people in summer!
  • Malina, the “raspberry”, tastes so good!
  • “Crocus” or “sunflower” = Cigdem
  • Poppy frows on the fields in summer: “poppy flower”
  • Padma and Lian (u) are a “lotus flower”
  • Also a splendor of flowers in summer: “mallow” = Malva, “zinnia” = Zinnia, Cinja and “dahlia” = Dalia
  • If it has not rained for a long time and the streets are dusty, the name Aphra is suitable, because it means “dust”
  • Octavia fits for babies born in August, because it means “born in the eight month”
  • And of course, the summer months June and July are always suitable
  • Margarita, the “pearl” is a birthstone for the summer month of June
  • Rubina, the “ruby” is considered the birthstone for July and Peridot for August

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