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Dalia is a ♀ girl’s name.

What is the origin of the name Dalia?

The given name Dalia derived from the name of the flower Dahlia, named after the Swedish botanist Anders Dahl. It is the national flower of Mexico. Besides, Dalia is an Arabic (داليا) and Hebrew (דַּלְיָה) name and is said to be a short form of the name Gedaliah. Furthermore, Dalia is a name from Lithuanian mythology. She was a goddess of destiny who determined a person’s material prosperity.

What does the name Dalia mean?

Dalia has the meaning “the (flower) Dahlia“. The meaning of the surname Dahl is “valley” and therefore the Dahlia is sometimes referred to as the “valley flower”. In Arabic, Dalia derived from the word for “grape vine” and in Hebrew it means “strong branch” or “flowering branch”. The Lithuanian meaning of Dalia is “luck”, “destiny” or “fate”. Besides, Dalia means “Jahweh has become great” or “made great by God” (from Gedaliah).

Other variants and nicknames

Dalia can also be spelled Dahlia, Daliya, Dalija or Dalya. Similar first names are Dala, Dalal, Dalanda, Daldite, Dalesa, Daley, Daliah, Dalilah, Dalma, Dalja, Dalijah oder Dalina. Popular Nicknames are Daia, Dada, Dale, Dali, and Lia. Anagrams for Dalia are Adila, Adlai, Aldia, Alida, Daila, Dalai, Diala and Laida.

Dahlia, the flower

In the language of flowers, Dahlias represent charity and thankfulness. Therefore, Dahlias are often gifted for birthdays and Mother’s Day. Dahlias also stand for good neighborhood relations.

Famous people named Dalia

  • From 2009 until 2019, Dalia Grybauskaite (born 1956) was the first female President of Lithuania. Until Mai 2009 she was the European Commissioner for Budget and Administration.
  • Dalia Sofer (born 1972) is an Iranian-born American writer. She wrote two novels and won two awards for her first novel “The September of Shiraz” (2007).

Fun Facts

  • In the live-action remake of Disney’s “Aladdin” (2019), Dalia is princess Jasmin’s loyal handmaiden and childhood friend. At the end of the movie, she marries the now human Genie. Dalia is played by the Iranian-American actress and comedian Nasim Pedrad.
  • In 2005, one high pressure zone in Europe was named Dalia.
  • Dalia in binary code is: 01000100 01100001 01101100 01101001 01100001.

Pronunciation of Dalia

Variants of the name Dalia

Daalia Dahlia Daliah Dalija Daliya Dalya Dália

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Popularity of the name Dalia

The name Dalia is ranked #1373 overall.

Dalia in the Top 50 Names

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