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Lia is a ♀ girl’s name.

What is the origin of the name Lia?

The name Lia is a variant of Leah and a short form of names ending in “-lia”, especially of Julia, Cornelia or Amilia. Besides, Lia is considered a diminutive of Elizabeth.

What does the name Lia mean?

Lia has several meanings, e.g. “weary”, “cow”, “lioness” or “mistress” (from Leah), “God is abundance” or “God is my oath” (from Elizabeth) and “of the Aemilius family”, “rival” or “eager” (from Amilia). Besides, Lia means “of the family of the Julii”, “dedicated to Jupiter” or “devoted to Jove” (from Julia).

Similar Names

There is a variety of ways to spell Lia. In Spanish for example the i in Lia would be apostrophized spelling it Lía. Other Versions are Liah, Liya, Liyah, Lya, Leah, Lea, Leea, Leeah, or Leia.
As the name itself is already an abbreviation there are a few nicknames such as Lili, Lala or Lee.

Middle Names for Lia

Depending on the name’s origin there are various possible middle names such as Andrea, Victoria, Marika, Emele, Marie, Mabel, Rose, Marina, Viviana or Joëlle.

Symbolism of the name Lia

Since the name Lia has different possible etymologies, its symbolism varies based on its origin. Lia, derived from Leah, is the representative of a fruitful marriage, according to several major religious traditions. Her symbol is the mandrake (Genesis 30:14).

Famous name bearers

  • “I am Lia” is a statement that trended online in early 2020 when the first openly transgender swimmer Lia Thomas (born 1999) came under fire for competing against other women for her university swim team. People said that her remarkable success was due to being born male rather than her training. Lia, who has been a swimmer since she was six years old, denies the allegations and attributes her success to her hard work.
  • Choi Ji-su (born 2000), a member of the famous South Korean K-pop band ITZY, chose Lia as her stage name. Lia is the main vocalist of the band. ITZY first debuted in February 2019 and has since become a household name in the K-pop industry.

Lia on TV

  • Lia Cabrera, played by Milena Rivero is a supporting character in the Netflix show “Cobra Kai”. She first appears in Season 4.
  • The animated character Lia de Beaumont is a protagonist of the anime Chevalier d’Èon. This anime is based on rumors of the real live Chevalier d’Èon cross dressing from 1756.

Pronunciation of Lia

Variants of the name Lia

Liah Liia Lija Liya Liyah Lya Lyah Lïa

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Popularity of the name Lia

The name Lia is ranked #23 overall. It is very popular with parents-to-be and is often chosen as a baby name.

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