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Liya is a ♀ girl’s name.

What is the origin of the name Liya?

Liya is a form of the biblical name Lea, e.g. in Russian, and of the name Lia. Besides, Liya is a diminutive of the names Liyana and Aaliyah.

What does the name Liya mean?

Liya means “weary”, “cow”, “lioness, “ruler” or “mistress” (from Lea), “God is abundance”, “God is my oath”, “of the Aemilius family”, “rival” and “dedicated to Jupiter / Jove” (from Lia). Deriving from Liyana, Liya means “tender” and “soft” and deriving from Aaliyah, it means “ascend”, “rising”, “high”, “lofty”, “elevated”, “sublime” or “noble”.

Other variants and nicknames

Liya is a rather rare name in the western hemisphere, the variants Lia, Leah or Aaliyah are far more popular. In South East Asia, Liyana is very popular. Similar first names are Liah, Leia, Leana or Leah. Popular Nicknames for Liya are Lia, Li, Lil, Lilli and Lily.

Sibling names

Parents love to give siblings names that match well. Suitable names for a brother can be Antony, Leo or Nicholas. For a sister, parents like Leah, Lena Lija, Lina, Lucia, Riya or Sarah.

Famous people named Liya

  • Liya Kebede (born 1978) is an Ethiopian model and actress. She is famous for her lead role in the movies “Desert Flower” (2009) and “Lord of War” (2005).
  • The Russian actress Liya Ahedzakova (born 1938) worked on more than 45 soviet productions. She won multiple Russian acting awards.
  • Liya Tong (born 1983) is a Chinese actress who acted in over 35 Chinese productions.

Pronunciation of Liya

Variants of the name Liya

Lia Liah Liia Lija Liyah Lya Lyah Lïa

Parents who like the name Liya also like

Lia Lya Mila Naya Elya Leya Liana Lynn Liam Mia Lina Lana Leana Leni Livia Lyna Elina Myla Milo Milla

Popularity of the name Liya

The name Liya is ranked #455 overall.

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