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Leora is a ♀ girl’s name.

What is the origin of the name Leora?

The girl’s name Leora derived from the Hebrew name Liora.

What does the name Leora mean?

Leora means “light for me”, “light unto me”, “my light” or “I have light” (from Hebrew “li/לִי” = me +”‘ór/אוֹר” = light).

Other variants

Leora can also be spelled Leorah or Léora. Another variant is Liora. Male forms are Leor and Lior. Anagrams for Leora are Elora, Lorea and Reola. The most people with the first name Leora can be found in the USA.


Popular nicknames for Leora are Leo, Lora, Lola or Ora.

Famous people named Leora

  • American actress Leora Dana (1923 - 1983) won a Tony Award as best supporting actress in a play for her role in “The Last of Mrs. Lincoln”.
  • Former Canadian radio host Leora Kornfeld now works as a media consultant.
  • American vaudeville actress Leora Spellmeyer was known under her stage name Leora Spellman. She was married to Charles B. Middleton (1874 - 1949) on the most prominent vaudeville actors in the US.
  • Israeli-American novelist Leora Skolkin-Smith (born 1952) has written three fictional novels. Her books feature Jewish fictional characters.
  • American historian and professor of European Social History and Western Civilization Leora Auslander (born 1959) has published five books.

Fictional characters named Leora

  • In the novel “Arrowsmith”, by Sinclair Lewis (1885 - 1951) Leora Tozer is a supporting character. She ist the wife of the protagnosit Martin Arrowsmith and works as a nurse.
  • In the book “Wise blood”, by Flannery O’Connor (1925 - 1964), Leora Watts is a minor character. She is probably a working girl as she is called the “friendliest bed in town”.
  • Leora Hayward was a baby character on the soap opera “All my children” from 2003. On the show, she died at three months old from phlebitis.

Pronunciation of Leora

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Popularity of the name Leora

The name Leora is ranked #3548 overall.

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