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Nila is a ♀ girl’s name.

What is the origin of the name Nila?

Nila is a Sanskrit name and a short form of the name Danila.

What does the name Nila mean?

Nila means “dark blue” and “sapphire” (from Sanskrit “nīla/नील”) and “God is my judge” (from Danila).

Other variants and nicknames

Nila can also be spelled Nilla, Nilah or Neela. Similar first names are Nilay, Nilaja, Nilab, Nili, Nilifer, Nilana, Nilany, Nilda, Nilea, Nilua, Nilam and Nilanthi. Popular nicknames are Nili, Nilly and Nini. Anagrams for Nila are Alin, Nail and Lina.

Famous people named Nila

  • Nila Mack (1891 - 1953) was an American producer for children radio programs. During her lifetime, she was the director for children’s programs at CBS.
  • The Native American poet and historian Nila Northsun (born 1951) is one of the most prominent Native American poets. Her poems about life on and outside the reservation are most widely read in the USA. She belongs to the Shoshone tribe.

Fun Facts

  • In Europe, one high pressure zone was named Nila (2021)
  • Nila Kaaigiradhu is a song in the Indian movie “Indira” from 2018

Pronunciation of Nila

Variants of the name Nila

Nyla Nylah

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Popularity of the name Nila

The name Nila is ranked #1181 overall.

Nila in the Top 50 Names

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