First Names for Easter Babies

Easter-inspired Baby Names for Boys and Girls

Salome | 22.03.2019

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Are you egg-specting? :)
If you are not only expecting the Easter bunny but also a little baby this year, then we have a colorful mix of suitable Easter names for you here.

Easter Baby Names:

  • Pascal is the perfect Easter name because it means “relating to Easter”
  • Suitable for the resurrection of Jesus is the name Anastasia, which means “resurrection”
  • Stavros means “cross” and refers to Jesus’ cross
  • Evangelina stands for “good news”
  • Palmira and Palmiro originate in the Christian holiday Palm Sunday and mean “palm tree” and “pilgrim”
  • The meanings “bell” or “bells” are also suitable for Easter and are hidden behind the name Bell and Luan
  • Juri, Liliana, Lily, Maylis, Susan and Zane are “lily” flowers, a Christian symbol for Easter
  • Easter is hard to imagine without the Easter Bunny. Yon means “bunny”
  • This is where the Easter Bunny comes from: Harlan means “hare land” and Arley ist the “hare clearing” or the “hare meadow”
  • She is so important for the Easter egg hunt: Calypso is “she who hides” (the eggs) and Holle means “hiding” and “secrecy”
  • And the hiding place of the Easter eggs is “the secret of the day”, which is the meaning of the name Dagrun
  • White eggs are boring. They must be colorful, e.g. “blue” (Blue, Livio, Mavi, Saphire), “red” (Beniko, Dan, Flannan, Numan, Reid, Roja, Ruan), “orange-red” (Sienna), “green” (Blerta), “purple” (Bora, Violet) or “golden” (Aldina, Artan, Aurel, Aurelia, Kin, Orell, Oriana, Oriole, Sona, Zarin, Zarina)
  • Agnes, Ines, Janja, Oona, Owen & Una are the “lamb”
  • Rachel means “ewe”
  • And Baran is a “sheep”

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