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Livio is a ♂ boy’s name.

What is the origin of the name Livio?

Livio is an Italian variant of the Roman name Livius.

What does the name Livio mean?

Livio means “of the Livii family”, but as well “jealous”, “envious” and “blue” or “bluish” (from Latin “lividus” = blue/envious or “liveo” = to envy).

Livio – a name with history

The name Livio, which comes from the ancient Roman, means, among other things, “bluish”. But what is the meaning of this colorful name? Researchers assume that the meaning of the name Livio alludes mainly to a noble origin, which is associated with a pale skin color. Hence the designation as “bluish” – after all, in pale people usually the veins shimmer bluish through the skin. At the time of the ancient Romans, pale skin was associated with high social status, such as nobility. This was because the “lower” working people, such as peasants and servants, usually had to work outside in the glaring sun. Their skin became very tanned from constant exposure to sunlight. The rich could afford to stay inside in the cool house, thus maintaining their pale skin. The saying that nobles have blue blood also comes from this. The expression first became public in Spain, where people spoke of “sangre azul”. In Spain, it was added that the royal family often intermarried with nobles from northern Europe and thus often had a lighter skin color than the rest of the population. So if your little treasure is to have a name with a noble background, Livio is a nice and not too obvious choice. Livio is also a nice alternative to the more popular choices Levi and Oliver and is a very rare name.

Name bearers

  • Livio Cori is an Italian rapper born in Naples in 1990. He is very famous in Italy, where he also participated in a TV series and at music festivals.
  • Mario Livio was born in 1945 in Bukarest, Romania. He grew up in Israel and graduated the University of Tel Aviv in theoretical astrophysics. Mario Livio has since published many books on physics and is professor in the department of physics and astronomy at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore. His current research is about Supernovas, Black Holes and the development of new planetary systems.

Pronunciation of Livio

Variants of the name Livio


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Popularity of the name Livio

The name Livio is ranked #1309 overall.

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