Top names Liechtenstein 2020

The most popular girl, boy and unisex names

CharliesNames 28.06.2020

Henrique Ferreira

Are you looking for a wonderful name for your child? You can let this list inspire you; it’s featuring the most popular first names in Liechtenstein. Here are the top 20 girl, boy and unisex names of the year 2020.

To create this list, we analyze 17,803 name ratings of our Babynames-App users from Liechtenstein in 2020.

Top girl names Liechtenstein 2020

  1. Johana, Johanna, Johannah, Yohanna
  2. Emely, Emelie, Emmelie, Emmely
  3. Hannah, Hanna
  4. Emily, Emmilie, Émilie, Emilie
  5. Norah, Nora
  6. Haylie, Hailee, Hailey, Hailie, Haily, Haylee, Hayley
  7. Lia, Liah, Lya, Lïa, Lyah
  8. Noemi, Noémi
  9. Sophie, Sofi, Sofie, Sofy, Sophi, Sophy
  10. Alissia, Alizia
  11. Ariah, Aria
  12. Mia
  13. Lina
  14. Luisa
  15. Emilia
  16. Leonie
  17. Elyana, Elyanna
  18. Evelynn
  19. Zoe
  20. Calli, Cali

Top unisex names Liechtenstein 2020

  1. Mika, Mica, Mikah
  2. Luca
  3. Elya
  4. Tobi

Top boy names Liechtenstein 2020

  1. Matis, Mathis, Mattis, Matiz, Matiss, Matys
  2. Mats
  3. Anton
  4. Louis, Luis
  5. Fyn, Fin, Finn
  6. Henri, Henry
  7. Jakob, Jacob
  8. Éliott, Eliot, Eliott, Elliot, Ellioth, Elliott
  9. Jannik, Yanick, Yanik, Yannik
  10. Tom
  11. Noah
  12. Levi, Levy, Lewi
  13. Oscar
  14. Leon, León
  15. Kyan, Kian
  16. Tim
  17. Liam
  18. Mattéo, Mateo, Matheo, Mattheo
  19. Ben
  20. Elias, Eliyas, Eliyaz

Top names Liechtenstein

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