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Mattheo is a ♂ boy’s name.

What is the origin of the name Mattheo?

Mattheo derived from the name Matthew, which is of Hebrew origin.

What does the name Mattheo mean?

Mattheo means “gift of Yahweh” or “gift of God” (from Hebrew “mattath/מַתָּת” = gift + “yah/יָה” = referring to the Hebrew God).

Mattheo as a name for your son

The name Mattheo is a true classic, and has enjoyed popularity on and off over the years. Those who choose the name Mattheo will also be faced with the choice of spelling. In addition to Mattheo, variants Matheo, Matteo, Mateo and the use of differently placed accents are also common. As nicknames, Matty, Matt and Theo are popular. Great combinations for middle names are: Mattheo Shawn, Mattheo Logan, Mattheo Taylor, Mattheo Ben, Mattheo Lewis and Mattheo Emilio.

Famous men named Mattheo

  • An athlete named Matteo is Matteo Berrettini (born 1996 in Rome), an Italian professional tennis player. He has already achieved some international success in tennis and was awarded the “Gazzetta Sports Award” in 2019.
  • The American comedian Matteo Lane is also an example for this name. Matteo was born in 1986 in Illinois and is of Mexican, Italian and Irish descent. He is trained as an opera singer and oil painter and later got into comedy. The attempt at comedy was very successful and soon, Mateo had some venues in New York City, where he performs regularly. He and his comedy are advocates for gay rights, as Mateo came out as homosexual himself. In 2018, he was featured in Netflix’ “The Comedy Line-Up”.

Fictional characters named Mattheo

  • An unofficial character from the Harry Potter world is Mattheo Riddle. But what does “unofficial character” mean in this case? The world of Harry Potter, created by author Joanne K. Rowling involves a complex construct of fictional characters connected by centuries of kinship, relationships, and friendship. Many of the characters she created do not even appear in person in the Harry Potter books and films. In addition to the official books, J.K. Rowling also published several short stories and tales based around the world she created. However, there is no Mattheo Riddle in these - he is the invention of fans of the Hogwarts universe. A big trend nowadays are the so-called fanfictions, i.e. stories that continue the story from existing novels and tell alternative plots. On platforms like Wattpad, amateur authors can then upload their works for other fans to read. The character of Mattheo Riddle is therefore also a product of fanfiction, but this figure still enjoys great popularity on the Internet.
  • Mateo Liwanag is a character in the NBC Sitcom “Superstore” (2015 - 2021). The show is a workplace comedy portraying the ups and downs of working in a giant supermarket. Mateo is a Filipino undocumented man who struggles with ICE and is in constant fear of getting deported, while his co-workers cover for him. He is played by Nico Santos (born 1979).

Pronunciation of Mattheo

Variants of the name Mattheo

Mateo Matheo Mathéo Matteo Matthéo Mattéo Matéo

Popularity of the name Mattheo

The name Mattheo is ranked #42 overall. It is very popular with parents-to-be and is often chosen as a baby name.

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