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Ida is a ♀ girl’s name.

What is the origin of the name Ida?

Ida derived from the name Iduberga and from other Old High German names beginning with “Id-“. Names with the element “hild” are also considered to be the origin of Ida. Besides, Ida is a diminutive of the names Adelaida or Adelaide that derived from Adelheid. Ida is also a short form of the Russian name Iraida (Ираида).

What does the name Ida mean?

Ida means “work” or “labour” (from Old High German “idh”), “industrious one” (from Old High German “id”), “wise woman”, “woman” or “virgin” (from Old High German “itis”) or “battle” (from Old High German “hild or “hiltja”). Besides, Ida means “noble natured”, “of noble type” or “noble person” (from Adelaida) and “heroine” (from Iraida).

Facts about the name Ida

Is the name Ida an Irish name? Maybe due to its sound, people will assume, that Ida is Irish. But the truth is, that Ida is a name that derives from old German. The name has its origins at a woman named Ida of Herzfeld, who was pronounced a saint for pregnant women. So if you are thankful for your healthy pregnancy and safe delivery, it can be a nice gesture to name your little daughter Ida. It is also not a biblical name. Ida is a rather rare name in English speaking countries, so it is also a special choice for your little one.

Middle names

As a middle name combination, you could choose Ida Joy, Ida Angelica, Ida Eliza, Ida Riley, Ida Jemimah or Ida Patricia.

Name bearers

  • Ida Lundgren is an aspiring model and the daughter of the famous actor Dolph Lundgren, who is known for his roles in action movies like “He-man”. Born in Stockholm in 1996, Ida grew up in Marbella, Spain and can now be found doing modeling jobs all over the world.
  • Ida Darvish is an American actress, who is known for her roles in “Inferno” (2016) and “She wants me” (2012). Ida is married to producer Josh Gad, together they have two daughters: Ava and Isabella.

Hurricane Ida

In 2021, Hurricane Ida raged across the US state of Louisiana. The hurricane moved across the country for several hours, devastating houses and power poles. Flooding also occurred. Several fatalities were recorded and millions of people had to endure without power supply. It was the second most intrusive hurricane in the state of Louisiana in all time, after hurricane Katrina in 2005.

Mythological mount Ida

Mount Ida is the highest mountain on the island of Crete with an elevation of 2,456 metres. It is said to be the place where the Greek god Zeus was born.

Pronunciation of Ida

Variants of the name Ida


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Popularity of the name Ida

The name Ida is ranked #144 overall. It is very popular with parents-to-be and is often chosen as a baby name.

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