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Fanny is a ♀ girl’s name.

What is the origin of the name Fanny?

Fanny is a diminutive of Frances or Stephanie.

What does the name Fanny mean?

Fanny means “French woman”, “little French woman”, “free woman” or “belonging to the people of the Franks” (from Frances) and “crown”, “wreath” or “garland” (from Stephanie).
Attention: Fanny can be used as a slur and vulgar term in English and is therefore uncommon as a first name.

Other variants and nicknames

Fanny could also be spelled Fanni and Fannie. Similar names are Fehime, Fenna, Fenne, Fina, Fiona, Fayna, Fine, Finna, Femmy, Fianna, Finia, Finninee, Fawini, Fien or Fynnia. A male version of Fanny is the German Franz. Popular nicknames are Fay, Fan, Funny and Anny. An anagram for Fanny is Fynna.

Famous people named Fanny

  • Fanny Hensel (1805 - 1847) was a German Composer during the Romantic Era. She was also a pianist, conductor and concert organizer. There are more than 45 compositions of her. Her son Sebastian Hensel (1830 - 1898) wrote a book about the family history.
  • The world famous ballerinas Fanny Elßler (1810 - 1884) and Fanny Cerrito (1817 - 1909) are among the most legendary dancers of their time.
  • American Novelist Fanny Singer (born 1983) is the daughter of American chef, restaurateur and author Alice Water (born 1944).

Fun Facts

  • Fanny Packs or waist bags are an It-Piece today. Brands such as Gucci, Prada and Louis Vuitton sell them for over 1000 Dollar a piece. They were very common during the 1950’s and made a big comeback in 2021.
  • “The Band” wrote the song “The Weight” in which Fanny is a fictional character. The lyrics say “Take a load off Fanny”.

Pronunciation of Fanny

Variants of the name Fanny

Fanni Fannie

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Popularity of the name Fanny

The name Fanny is ranked #4153 overall.

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