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Mali is a ♀ girl’s name.

What is the origin of the name Mali?

Mali is a short variant of Amalia. And it is a common name in several countries, e.g. Thailand and East Africa.

What does the name Mali mean?

Mali means “brave” and “diligent” (from Amalia). In Thai, Mali (มาลี) means “flower” or “jasmine flower” and in Swahili, it means “property” or “wealth”.

Other variants and nicknames

Another forms of Mali are Malie, Maly and Malee. Also used are the variants Maleah, Maleen, Maley, Marlee or Marli. Similar first names are Mala, Malacha, Malaik, Malak, Malakeh, Malala, Malale, Malen, Malie, Malien, Maliya and Maliyah. Popular nicknames are Ma, Li and Mal. Anagrams for Mali are Alim, Amil, Ilma, Imal, Liam, Lima and Mila.

Famous people named Mali

  • Mali Rhys Harries (born 1976) is a Welsh theater and TV actress. She acted in over 15 TV shows and movies.
  • The British contemporary artist Mali Morris (born 1945), working at the “Art in Perpetuity Trust” Studios in London, is an art professor and published multiple books.
  • The Australian Singer-Songwriter Mali-Koa Hood (born 1991), based in London, is the older sister of the singer, songwriter and bass player of the band “5 Seconds of Summer”, Calum Hood. In 2020, she released her first album “Hunger”.

The African state Mali

Mali is a West African landlocked state with about 1,24 Million km² and 20,55 Million residents (2020). The capitol city is Bamako, the two biggest rivers Niger and Senegal are located in the south of the country. This is where the majority of the population is located. In 1960 Mali became an independent state. During French colonization it was known as French-Sudan. French is still the official language of Mali.

Pronunciation of Mali

Variants of the name Mali

Malie Maly

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Popularity of the name Mali

The name Mali is ranked #1230 overall.

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