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Nikita is a ♀ girl’s name and a ♂ boy’s name. Nikita thus belongs to the gender-neutral unisex names.

What is the origin of the name Nikita?

Nikita is a Russian boy’s name and derives from the Greek name Niketas (Νικητας). Nikita is also an Indian girl’s name.

What does the name Nikita mean?

Nikita means “victory” and “winner” (from ancient Greek “níkē/νίκη” = victory). In Indian, Nikita derived from the Sanskrit term “niketa/निकेत” meaning “house” or “habitation”.

Other spellings and variants

Nykyta is a rare variant of Nikita. In India, Nikita can also be spelled Nikhita or Nikitha. A Romanian variant is Nichita. In Ukraine and Belarus, Mikita and Mykyta are male variants of Nikita.

Nicknames for Nikita

Nicknames as for Nikita as a boy’s name are Nik, Nick, Nicky and Kit. For a girl, nicknames would be Nicky, Kita, Kiti, Nika and Kitja.

Holy Nikita

  • Nikita Budka (1877 - 1949), also called Nykyta Budka or Nicetas Budka, was a martyr. The Ukrainian-Greek-Catholic Bishop was blessed 2001 by Pope Johannes Paul II.
  • Martyr Nikita († 372) was sentenced to death on the pyre by pagan king Athanarich († 381). Nikita tried to Christianize the Goths. He is worshipped as a Christian martyr mostly in Russia. His memorial day is September 15th.
  • In the orthodox church, June 10th is the memorial day for holy Nikita, Bishop of Chalcedony. He lived during the 9th century.

Olympian Medalists

  • Russian figure skater Nikita Katsalapov (born 1991) has won the bronze and the gold medal in 2014.
  • The Australian water-polo-player Nikita Cuffe (born 1979) won bronze with the Australian national team in 2008 in Peking.
  • Russian cross-country-skier Nikita Krjukow (born 1985) won the gold medal in individual sprint in 2010, in Vancouver. 2014, he won the silver medal in team sprint.
  • Russian swimmer Nikita Lobintsev (born 1988) is known for his 200 meter freestyle. At the 2008 Summer Olympics in Peking, he won the silver medal for the 4 x 200 meter freestyle relay. In 2012, he and his team won bronze in the 4 x 100 Meter freestyle relay.

Famous people named Nikita

  • American model Nikita Dragun (born 1996) is also a web-video-producer and make up artist. She has her own make up brand focused on trans people. In 2013, she opened her YouTube-Channel and came out as transgender.
  • American screenwriter Nikita Hopkins (born 1991) is especially known for voicing the kangaroo “Roo” in “Winnie the Pooh” for seven years.
  • American actress Nikita Ager (born 1969) is known for roles in TV shows such as “Navy CIS” and “Star Trek: Enterprise”.
  • Former Miss Universe 2003 Nikita Anand (born 1983) is an Indian model and actress.

Fictional characters named Nikita

  • In Elton John’s pop ballad “Nikita”, he is talking about Germany being split in East and West. Nikita is a soviet border guard.
  • The 1990s French action thriller “Nikita” is a movie about a young French woman addicted to drugs. After a pharmacy robbery gone wrong protagonist Nikita Mears is recruited by the government to work as a special agent and assassin.

Pronunciation of Nikita

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Popularity of the name Nikita

The name Nikita is ranked #6246 overall.

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