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Alyssa is a ♀ girl’s name.

What is the origin of the name Alyssa?

Alyssa is a variant of the name Alicia, which derived from the Old High German name Adelheid. Besides, Alyssa was influenced by the name of the alyssum flower, which is of Greek origin.

What does the name Alyssa mean?

Alyssa means “noble natured”, “of noble type”, “noble person”, “truth”, “disclosure”, “unconcealedness”, “revealing” and “unclosedness” (from Alicia or Adelheid). The name of the Alyssum flower derived from Greek “a/ἀ”, a negative prefix, and “lússa/λύσσᾰ” meaning “mania” or “madness”, because it was believed to cure rabies or madness.

Other variants and nicknames

Alyssa can also be spelled Alissa, Alisa, Allissa, Allyssa or Alysa. Similar first names are Alysea, Alysha, Alysia, Alyson, Alyss, Ailsa, Alecia, Alesha, Alesja, Alessa, Alessia, Alesya, Alexa, Alexia, Alexus, Alice, Alicia, Alissia und Allissia. Nicknames can be Ally, Allie, Lizzy, Lissy, Liz, Isa, Izza or Liza.

Parents love to pair Alyssa with a middle name. The favorite combinations are Alyssa Jane, Alyssa Jean, Alyssa Marie, Alyssa Katherine, Alyssa Nicole and Alyssa Elaine.

Famous people named Alyssa

  • Alyssa Hunter is the stage name for drag performer Joshua Enrique Ortolaza Resto (born 1995) on the TV show “RuPaul’s Drag Race”.
  • American actress and #metoo activist Alyssa Milano (born 1972) is best known for her role as “Phoebe Halliwell” on the TV show “Charmed”.
  • As a member of the YouTube-Channel “Bounce Patrol”, Alyssa, whose last name is unknown, rose to fame. She sings, writes and produces educational songs for children.
  • Alyssa Diaz (born 1985) is an American actress who acted in TV shows such as “The Rookie”, “Narcos: Mexico” and “Army Wives”.
  • Canadian singer-songwriter Alyssa Reid (born 1993) started her career on the Canadian reality TV show “The Next Star” in 2008. In 2011 she released her first studio record.
  • Miss USA 2011 Alyssa Campanella (born 1990) has also won “Miss New Jersey Teen USA 2007” and “Miss California USA 2010”, qualifying her for the “Miss USA 2011” competition.
  • Alyssa Ellman (born 1991) was a contestant on the 14th season of the Dating-Show “Married at First Sight”. Her marriage lasted for less than 14 days, making it one of the shortest ones in the show’s history.

Fictional characters named Alyssa

  • Alyssa Ashcroft is a character in the famous video game “Resident Evil: Outbreak”.
  • In the 1995 movie “It Takes Two”, Alyssa Callaway, played by Ashley Olsen, is one of the two main characters.
  • In the first season of the popular Netflix-Show “The End of The F*ing World”, the protagonist Alyssa Foley**, played by Jessica Barden, runs away from her home to find her father.

Pronunciation of Alyssa

Variants of the name Alyssa

Alisa Alissa Alysa

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Popularity of the name Alyssa

The name Alyssa is ranked #874 overall.

Alyssa in the Top 50 Names

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