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Jorin is a ♂ boy’s name.

What is the origin of the name Jorin?

Jorin is a Frisian form of the names Georg and Gregor. Besides, it is a name of Hebrew origin.

What does the name Jorin mean?

Jorin means “farmer” or “farmworker” (from Georg) and “alert”, “watchful” or “shepherd” (from Gregor). In Hebrew, Jorin has the meaning “child of freedom”.

Jorin as a unique boy’s name

If you want to choose a rather unique name for your little boy, Jorin might be the perfect choice. The name is mostly used in northern Germany, but the Hebrew meaning “child of freedom” is a beautiful message to give to your little Jorin for his life journey. Despite the version Jorin, you can also chose the writing options Jorrin and Yorin. If you want to choose a suitable middle name for your Jorin, a norse name could be the best choice. Jorin Arvid, Jorin Bjorne, Jorin Gustav, Jorin Erik or Jorin Bente could be nice.

Jorin in fiction

  • If you’re wondering why the name Jorin sounds familiar, “Lord of the Rings” could be the right answer. But not quite – one character in the popular book series isn’t named Jorin, but Thorin. But still, the name Thorin inspired many “Lord of the Rings” fans to give the name Jorin, because it has an equally beautiful sound and is not so clearly associated with the book series. The “Lord of the Rings” book series was written by J. R. R. Tolkien and greatly revolutionized the genre of fantasy. Many of today’s works in the genre still make use of Tolkien’s creations, such as the characters of the orcs and elves. Thorin II, known as Thorin Oakenshield is a member of the royal house of the dwarves of Erebor. He went to the Lonely Mountain together with the hobbit Bilbo Baggins to kill the dragon Smaug. In the film versions of the story Thorin was portrayed by Richard Armitage.
  • Another fictional character is Jorin Deadeye from the online video game franchise “World of Warcraft”. Jorin is an Orc and a Warchief of the Bleeding Hollow clan.

Pronunciation of Jorin

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Popularity of the name Jorin

The name Jorin is ranked #2081 overall.

Jorin in the Top 50 Names

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