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Lenn is a ♂ boy’s name.

What is the origin of the name Lenn?

Lenn is a short variant of Leonard and Lennard.

What does the name Lenn mean?

Lenn has the meaning “brave lion” (from Germanic “lewo” = lion + “harti” = strong/brave/hard).

Lenn as a name for your child

Your son is “strong as a lion”, but you still don’t want him to be named Lennard or Leonard? Then the name Lenn is just right for you! The name is short, modern and catchy. Due to its uncomplicated spelling and pronunciation, it can also be used internationally. Alternatively, you can also write the name Len. Suitable nicknames for little Lenn can be Lenny or Lenns. The short name Lenn can be well combined with a suitable middle name. Possibilities for this are: Lenn Tristin, Lenn Oscar, Lenn David, Lenn Mitchell, Lenn River, Lenn Jordan and Lenn Lewis.

  • Lenn Sakata was best known for being a professional basketball player. He was born in Honolulu in 1954 and played in the Major Leagues primarily as a utility player from 1977 to 1987. Additionally, Lenn was a member of the Baltimore Orioles 1983 World Series Championship team. Another speciality was, that Lenn was the second Asian American to be part of the Major League. He is claimed to be one of the 50 biggest sport stars in Hawaiian history.
  • German actor Lenn Kudryavitsky was born in the Soviet Union in 1975 and came to East Berlin with his parents as a baby. Playing the violin, his musical and acting talent was discovered early and he attended a musical high school. His film debut followed in 1996, and since then Lenn has appeared mostly in German television productions, including the award-winning RTL police series “Section 40” (2002). Lenn can also be seen in international productions, including the Canadian-Irish TV series “Vikings” (2013 - 2020), which revolves around the legendary Viking Ragnar Lodbrock.
  • Francis Lenn Taylor was an art dealer and also the father of Hollywood star Elizabeth Taylor. He lived from 1897 until 1968 and started dealing art in New York City for a wealthy uncle. He married stage actress Sara Sothern in 1926 and they had two children, one of whom was Elizabeth. Elizabeth went on to be one of the best paid actresses in Hollywood and was also famous for her private life. She had seven husbands and four children. None of her marriages lasted and she had to face severe publicity regarding her love life.

Pronunciation of Lenn

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Popularity of the name Lenn

The name Lenn is ranked #1206 overall.

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