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Apollon is a ♂ boy’s name.

Origin of the name Apollon

Apollon is a name from Greek mythology, he was adopted by the Romans as Apollo into their mythology. He was one of the Olympian deities and the God of archery, art, truth and prophecy, healing, light, spring, poetry, and more. His parents are Zeus and Leto and his twin sister is called Artemis.

What is the meaning of the name Apollon?

The meaning of the name Apollon is unsure. It could mean “to destroy” (from ancient Greek “apóllūmi/ᾰ̓πόλλῡμῐ”) or “averter of evil”, because Apollon is the God who affords help and fends off evil. Another meaning is “not many” (from ancient Greek “a-“ = not + “pollón/πολλόν” = many). His byname was Phoibos, which means “bright”. Besides, Apollon could mean “ever-shooting” or “always shooting” (from ancient Greek “aeibállōn/ἀειβάλλων”).

Pronunciation of Apollon

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Popularity of the name Apollon

The name Apollon is ranked #11340 overall.

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